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Oh krisimasi Tree

December 2022,
“Mom…” Abby groaned her face flustered as she fumbled through the boxes of ornaments.
“What?” Lisa asked as she placed a red glass bobble atop a branch of their Frasier fur, manyoya krisimasi tree.
“Where’s the Angel for the juu of the mti I last year? It’s not in any of the boxes” Lisa thought for a moment.
“I think it’s in on one of the shelves downstairs.” She said, fixing a nutcracker ornament onto the tree. Abby sighed and marched her way down to the basement, her blond hair whipping along behind her. Suddenly, the front door opened to reveal a skinny brown haired, twelve au so mwaka old boy walking in carrying a bundle of krisimasi and Hanukkah presents hidden in plastic and paper bags. The boy was followed kwa his father who limped in and added another bag to the young boy’s armful.
“Take these into your room. We’ll wrap, upangaji pamoja them at the very last dakika okay?” House whispered to his son who snickered and bounded up to his room, almost knocking over a menorah sitting on a small meza, jedwali along the way. House limped into the living room, carefully avoiding boxes as half melted snow dripped off of his sneakers and onto the carpet, and sat down on the kitanda to rest his bad leg after limping all over the mall all afternoon. Lisa, after finally placing the last little ornament on the tree, plopped down inayofuata to him.
“And to think that I am thoroughly atheist.” House alisema with a sigh. Lisa smiled.
    “Oh please, I don’t know about Hanukkah, but krisimasi barely registers as a religious holiday anymore, House.” Lisa alisema smirking.
    “You’re Jewish!” He complains.
    “I’ve told wewe Greg, only half. My dad was Christian.” She says triumphantly.
    “Whatever.” House says grumpily.
    “Besides, wewe get presents.” Lisa says, getting up when Abby comes in holding the angel.
    “When’s the mwaka we’re going to get that krisimasi rock I’ve been talking about?” Abby glares daggers at him.
    “The mwaka I songesha out.” She says cruelly and starts to put the Angel on the tree. House scoffs at her as though she just shot a puppy.
    “You know why they put an Angel on juu of the krisimasi tree?” Greg says, eager to bother his wife and daughter.
    “Don’t wewe dare tell that story Greg, I don’t need wewe corrupting our children any more.” At that very moment, Ben, House and Lisa’s twelve mwaka old son bolted downstairs.
    “What story?” He says curiously. Lisa rolls her eyes, realizing that there was no use resisting. House smiles.
    “Da-aaaad!” Ben whines. “Tell me! Tell me!” He demands eagerly, and sits down on the couch. Grinning evilly at Abby and Lisa, House begins his lovely tale.
“One siku on krisimasi Eve, Santa's workshop was absolutely chaotic. The elves couldn't make toys because they were all drunk and the reindeer were all nursing a hangover and couldn't power the sleigh. Now Santa was rather exasperated at all this and he goes into his wine closet to take a drink to cool his nerves, but alas the elves and the reindeer already drank it all. Now this got Santa really pissed and to juu it all off his doorbell rang and an adorable little Angel stood at his stoop holding a krisimasi tree. Santa in a particularly grouchy mood said,
‘What?’ ready to slam the door on the little angel's face. Now the Angel didn't
seem bothered and motioning the tree, so sweetly asked,
‘Where would wewe like me to put this Santa?’” Ben suddenly burst out laughing, and Abby couldn’t help but jiunge in. Lisa smirked, despite not wanting to onyesha House that she approved of sharing this joke with Ben.
                * * *
As a kid, House never really enjoyed Christmas. It was always a fairly hostile time. His dad always demanded him to help his mother clean around the house, and to write sincere thank wewe notes to all of his Marafiki and relatives. Every gift his father got him was some kind of weapon fake au real, camouflage shirts and pants, and boring military themed toys that House certainly had no interest in. His father clearly was determined to get him into the military, much to Greg’s irritation. However, now with Cuddy, he got to know what the holidays were like with a somewhat normal family. And he even got to celebrate Hanukkah too.
Cracking Abby’s door open a tiny bit, House looks at his daughter sleeping soundly in her bed. Now almost fourteen years from the krisimasi when Lisa accepted her as a foster daughter, only to later be adopted kwa her, House couldn’t help but remember how happy Lisa was. House remembered that he was worried that Lisa would just ignore him so she could take care of Abby. But somehow, things worked out. Don’t ask him how, they just did. And before he knew it they had Ben, and they became a family. And because of this, House was for once in his life…


Author's Note: I forgot to mention this on the other spots but I have to give credit to my dad for some of the jokes House alisema in the story. He told me the story of the Angel on the tree, and he's the one who wants a krisimasi rock
posted by HugeEgoSorry
It was a hot sunny summer afternoon at Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital. Patients, either from Drug Addict Section au Psych Ward, were all hot tempered as they lined up and eat their food. Guards were standing at the four corners of the room to facilitate the crowd in case a riot builds up between patients.
A patient was walking to his meza, jedwali from the counter when he happened to pass kwa House and noticed that he was his doctor. He stopped and placed his chakula on House’s table. House on the other hand, slowly looked up to him.
House: What do wewe want?
The psych patient laughed and all the other patient...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
House entered silently the room of Ian. It’s been three days since he decided to transfer his son to Princeton Plainsboro yet kidney donors failed to match Ian’s blood type and the transplant orodha was full of patient names that were desperate to have a kidney too. Ian’s condition was getting worse as the days go by. He was on dialysis and IV fluids were added on. Cuddy was seated, while holding her son’s hand, on the chair inayofuata to the bed. House sat on the edge of the kitanda and learned that his old and new team with Wilson were there visiting his son.
House: <To the team> thank you...
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posted by ToEkNeE
[House staggers into Wilson's office. He limped all the way to his kitanda to lay down. Wilson knows he's there but doesn't bother to look up from his paperwork]

Wilson: Avoiding Cuddy, again?

House: No, I just upendo hiding out in your office.

Wilson: She'll turn up, eventually, and then wewe will have to see her.

House: Not if I know where to hide. After here I go to the clinic, because she's supposed to go check on the team today. And when she sees that I'm not there she will go look for me and that's when I go back to my office and wait for my teams arrival with the results of an MRI scan.

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posted by Lela48
AN:So this is a bit shorter than the other one, and I hope it got good too, It is zaidi focused on Cameron tough.

Foreman walked in the ER, it was a very calm day, there were just a few patients with minor injuries. He spotted Cameron taking care of a 4-year-old girl that had a cut on her arm, he waited still she was finished and approached her:

“Hey Cameron”

“Heey, Foreman, uhmm, what are wewe doing here?” She asked clearly surprised with his presence.

“I need to talk to wewe about a patient and about House” He answered with a little pause between the patient part and the House part,...
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Hi!As everyone knows I upendo hameron and wameron!They are both favourites ships of mine!But I want Wameron to happen zaidi because a)hameron has already sort of happened and b)because when I started watching house I first became a wameron shipper.
But now I think it will happen.
Yes cameron is with Chase and yes things are going well and would continue to go well but we don't know anything about the epis after episode 10!
Chase is getting a story line!It might involves cameron it might doesn't!
But heres the things we know!
Wilson Lost Amber such as Cameron Lost PDH.He was alone and miserable in his...
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 It's high time House was recognized for Emmys
It's high time House was recognized for Emmys
Okay. This makala is all about the Emmys and House. As wewe all know, this season's finale was especially emotional and fabulously-acted, and we would all be surprised if at least one actor/actress from our inayopendelewa show, House MD, wasn't nominated.
In today's (Friday, June 14, 2008) edition of USA Today, there was a ballot sheet of who they thought would be nominated for the prestigious televisheni award. Included below are the nominees as chosen kwa USA Today and the newspaper's comments.

Best drama: House was not included in this list, the reason being this season was "too erratic".
Best lead...
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Here's chapter 3 of my fanfic.
Note:I had to cut a huge part of this chapter out and had to rewrite the part.
I have already written this chapter.
These chapters are from my Livejournal.
There are currently 9 chapters.I'm currently suffering writers block.

"Yes and could it be this Friday?"Cuddy alisema into the phone.She was already at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.House's team barged into her office."I have to go."Cuddy alisema hanging up the phone."House isn't here."Thirteen said.Thirteen's hair was in a low ponytail.She wore a tan shati that had long sleeves,suspenders,a gray shirt...
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Here's chapter 2 of my fanfic.

Cuddy tossed and turned in her bed.She couldn't sleep.She kept thinking about what had happened.Cuddy awoken fully and sat up in her bed.'Quit thinking about him Lisa!'said her conscience."I can't help it!"Cuddy alisema aloud.'Don't go to his home!Don't!'her conscience yelled at her.Cuddy got up out of her bed.She took off her nightgown and put on a long sleeve shirt,jeans,and boots.She put her hair into a low ponytail.She walked in front of her bedroom mirror."Perfect."she whispered.She walked out of her bedroom,and went to find her keys."Where are my keys?"...
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posted by EnjoyHuddy
 I couldn't find an image with them from "No Reason" so I put this XDXD
I couldn't find an image with them from "No Reason" so I put this XDXD
Small Intro
Ok, this is just a little thought about House s2's "No Reason".I hope wewe like it. I'll be very happy to hear all your thoughts about it and I'll appreciate your maoni , even if wewe wewe don't like this makala so much because I want to hear your thought so the inayofuata time I can write an makala better than this!!However Enjoy it^^!Oh this is my 1st makala btw so please be a little gentle with me ^^!I forgot to say that this will be a little Huddy.
End of small intro

OK,Let's start:
A few days zamani I was watching , as I alisema before, s2's "No Reason"on SKY (if wewe don't know what SKY...
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House stood up from his kitanda looking straight outside his room. He happened to see a familiar image that was staring at him while standing a few walks away from where he was. He hurriedly walked towards it but the glass ukuta didn’t let him go outside so he ended up banging the thick glass in front of him.
House: Cuddy! --- hujambo I’m here! ---- Cuddy!
Indeed it was Cuddy but she turned and walked out of the place. House was surprised to realize that it was another stupid hallucination. There was actually no Cuddy outside. House’s brain, and maybe moyo as well, wanted her to be there so his...
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One Night...

"I'm so tired of all the pain." He alisema as he laid his head against the kitanda cushion and closed his eyes. Cuddy grasped his hand with hers.
"The medicine Wilson gave wewe can cause intense migraines and nausea, but it will help with the hallucinations. We just need to get over the first hump and..."
House suddenly bent mbele and vomited into the bucket near his feet. Cuddy rubbed his back gently. She pulled a tissue from her pocket and wiped his mouth.
"I haven't slept in days. When is this medicine gonna turn on the snooze?"
Cuddy put a hand to his forehead checking his temperature....
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