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This is a short chapter, working on chapter three.

Cameron had dismissed the nurse after she had finished suturing all of Ace’s wounds. She felt like she should be the one to finish cleaning Emrys off. Even though the young woman hadn’t been working at the hospital long, Cameron had formed a kind of bond with her. She almost felt like a big sister figure to Ace, at least she had. Cameron felt like not only had the hospital just Lost a great doctor, but that a lot of the staff here had just Lost a great person and friend.

As Cameron took one of Emrys’ arms to wipe it down, Emrys’ chest moved. Cameron jumped at first, and then the doctor part of her brain kicked in.

“It’s just post mortem muscle movement. The air remaining in the lungs is just escaping.” she thought.

She continued to wipe of Emrys’ arm and moved her hand down to Emrys’ wrist. Emrys’ hand twitched and Cameron jumped again and dropped her arm. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, telling herself again that this was normal.

Cameron shook her head and picked up Emrys’ arm once again. This time Cameron’s palm was right over Emrys’ radius bone in her wrist. As she was slowly wiping her arm, Cameron noticed that now Emrys’ chest was actually moving up and down. It was barely visible, but when Cameron began to feel a slight flutter under her palm holding Emrys’ wrist, she nearly screamed.

She quickly turned Emrys’ hand over and felt for a pulse, not feeling one. She thought for a moment and then slowly reached up to Emrys’ neck. She placed her fingers gently on the side of Emrys’ throat and felt for a carotid pulse. Cameron found a very slow, but steady beat. Suddenly the hand that Cameron was holding tightly wrapped around hers and at this she did scream.

As Cuddy sat in House’s office, tears in her eyes and trying to take in what he had just told her, both of their pagers went off. Looking at them, they both had the same page. It was a 911 page to the room where Emrys had been.

“I can’t.” Cuddy said, tearfully.

“It’s fine, I’ll go.” alisema House.

He planted his cane on the floor and stood up, not looking back at Cuddy. He hated to see her like this. He would probably never admit it to anyone, but when ever she cried, he just wanted to hold her. He wanted to kiss her and tell her everything would be alright as long as she stayed in his arms. His thoughts trailed off as he walked to the room that the page had been for. He nearly fell over when he saw what was going on.

Cuddy was sitting at House’s desk, thinking about everything that had just happened and everything that was going to happen. She couldn’t believe what she had just heard from House’s mouth. She now knew why she was feeling the way she was about Emrys, and now that she knew it was worse. Yet, it was also strangely better somehow, she felt better and worse all at once. She was pulled out of her thoughts when House’s phone rang. She instinctively answered it with a hello.

“Cuddy, wewe need to get down here.” alisema House, sounding almost as dazed as she was.

“House, I just can’t. It’s too hard right now.” alisema Cuddy.

“Cuddy, wewe need to see this.” alisema House.

“House, I’m sure wewe can take care of it.” alisema Cuddy.

“Fine, I just thought you’d like to know that Ace is back.” alisema House, hanging up.

“What?” asked Cuddy, hearing the click.

Cuddy hung the phone in it’s utoto and made a b-line straight for the emergency room. When she got there she found Emrys surrounded again kwa doctors and nurses. She was hooked back up to the monitors and IVs. Only now the monitors displayed a slow, but steadily rising moyo beat.

“What?” asked Cuddy, saying the only word that came to mind as she stepped into the room.

“I was just finishing up when I noticed her chest moving. I felt for a pulse and found one, then she grabbed my hand.” alisema Cameron.

“How?” asked Cuddy.

“I don’t know.” alisema House, looking up at Cuddy from Emrys’ chart.

“What are her stats?” asked Cuddy, regaining control of her brain.

“Her temperature was at 94 degrees, but it keeps dropping. Still, her moyo rate and BP are increasing with the transfusions. She had a starting moyo rate of 35 bpm with a BP of 70 over 30. Now her rate is 50 bpm with a BP of 90 over 70. We think her stats are still low because of the sedatives we gave her. She was in an enormous amount of pain and she needs surgery to repair the damage to her vocal chords and other tissues.” alisema Cameron.

“How is this possible?” asked Cuddy.

“I don’t know.” alisema House, still looking over her chart.

“Chase is taking her into the first surgery in a few minutes.” alisema Cameron, hanging another bag of blood.

“I heard that the victim is alive, I thought she was dead?” asked a police man, now standing in the doorway.

“She was.” alisema Cuddy.

“But wewe got her back.” alisema the officer.

“Nope.” alisema House.

“But she’s alive now?” asked the officer.

“Yep.” alisema House.

“How?” asked the officer.

“We don’t know.” alisema Cuddy, echoing House’s sentiments.

“Whatever, when do wewe think we’ll be able to swali her?” asked the officer.

“Not for a while, she’s had her vocal chords ripped out. She’s going to be kept in a coma from the pain of the surgeries for a few weeks. We’ll call wewe when she’s all better and ready to be violated again, thanks.” alisema House, limping over and closing the door in the officer’s face.

“House!” alisema Cuddy and Cameron together.

“What? He was annoying.” alisema House as the door opened and Chase walked in, no sign of the officer behind him.
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When Cuddy gets to the residence, she goes to the jikoni and takes a small tablet of broth from the cupboard and puts in the in kuoga head, so later, when he has his shower, he’ll be covered of soup. After carrying out her evil plan, she goes to her room.
House gets nyumbani and doesn’t try to talk to her. He goes straight to his room and after studying for a while, goes to the bathroom. When he’s about to start, he is covered with supu and jumps out of the bathtub. ‘What the heck is this?!’ He wraps himself in a towel and goes to her dorm. ‘Is this your way of revenge? Are wewe gonna...
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After having lunch and flirting for a while more, they go to see the Big Ben and walk around there again. They spent the rest of the afternoon, until it gets darker and they get tired. ‘Oh God... we’ve walked so much today... My heels are killing me...’
‘I just can't understand why women have to wear heels. If you're sightseeing, you're supposed to be walking the whole day...’
‘Yes, look. How tall are you? How tall am I?’
‘So, wewe just wear them so wewe can be taller??’
‘That’s what they’re made for... But when you're wearing them for a long time they hurt... a bit. Tomorrow...
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A/N: Ok so I don’t know about wewe guys but I’m liking this story =) Hehe I have never been so excited with a fic. Which is good I believe. Well no really a/n today so….Larger than usual but I gues good, enjoy and leave a review. Remember reviews = <3

There was a beep and another one that made Cuddy smiled.

The Psych opened her eyes slowly. She rested her head in the hospital mto and glanced at her eyes.

“What happened?” The Psych asked, her voice being soft as a feather.

“You had a moyo failure. When you, little devil, started to laugh, your blood pressure raised and there was...
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I'm bored, and so I feel like uandishi a bila mpangilio makala of my opinions of some of the characters.
Of course, the best should go first. No, I am not talking about House. I am talking about Miss (oops, correction, unfortunately thats Mrs.) Stacy Warner. God, I just upendo her. I cried for ages when House rejected her. She was willing to give up her own (albeit ugly, nasty, creature of a thing) husband for him and he just... sent her... AWAY!!! NO!!! She is funny, and caring, and gourgeous, and just in general fabulous.
House, of course. He's funny, freaking SEXY, and unfortunately in a lot of emotional...
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Three days after
House was playing the kinanda when someone knocked on his door.
“Go away!” He shouted. It was a lonely afternoon, his only mate was his piano, and he didn’t need any other kind of company. In fact he had been absent from work these three days. But he headed to the door and open it to discover Wilson standing there.
“House, wewe missed Cuddy’s funeral.” He heard Wilson replying.
“Go away. I don’t need wewe to scold me.” He alisema closing the door but Wilson held the door back.
He had to admit that House looked like crap. His beard had grown, his eyes were red caused...
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Here is part one scene nine. This one is longer and sorry AwesomeHippie, it ends with a cliffhanger.
The board meeting was finally ending. Cuddy had just spent an saa listening to testimonial about how she was a whore and Tritter was just so damn wonderful, the usual stuff. She was so sick of being punished for what had happened. Hadn’t she taken her fill? Wasn’t it over yet? At least she had gotten off with only a suspension, but now the bastard was going to find out what had driven her to America. That would be very bad for her. Not that what she had done was terrible, but the head of...
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Sorry it took so long. I had difficulty righting the board review scene. Anyway, hope wewe enjoy it. As always pleaxe comment. =).

“Did wewe give her the names of those psychiatrists I recommended,” Sarah asked when Wilson walked into her office.
“Yes, disguised as patients I want to admit into a drug trial.”
“Nice job.”
“You think she’ll go for it?”
“No, but she’ll at least look at them if she thinks they’re something else. She’ll pick up on the hint, not that I haven’t told her explicitly, but if you’re annoying enough she’ll pay attention.”
Meanwhile House pulled...
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As always please comment. =)

That night Sarah and Cuddy were having their annual diagnosing competition. They would turn on Mystery Diagnosis and Diagnosis Unknown on the Discovery Health Channel and bet on the answer. If it was a case that someone was being poisoned they would bet on who was poisoning them. During commercials they would talk.
“Have wewe started looking at pseudo-parents for your spawn yet,” Sarah asked.
”I got some profiles from social services on the way home,” Cuddy replied wearily.
“Have wewe looked at them?”
Cuddy sighed heavily.
“How come?”
For a few...
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So I have 3 good plots and I can't pick which one should be continued so this is the first option:

Wilson knocked on the door... he knew House wasn't obligated to let him in at all; that, as a matter of fact, House probably wouldn't let him in... but he tried none the less, because there were things he had to say... because he was Wilson and Wilson never left.
"I know you're in there... look, I have to tell wewe something: I'm sorry."

"Since when is that good enough?" House whispered... a bullet was staring at him from the barrel of a gun... people often wondered what the exact last thoughts of...
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This is a little Huddy fanfic I made, which I guess is set in Season 5. And it's written differently to my normal fanfics. First paragraph under each heading is House's POV, sekunde is Cuddy's. Anyway, ENJOY! XD

She came into my office today, lecturing me about some procedure au another being ethically wrong au something. I don't know, I never really listen, fantasising instead. Every time I see her that day, one zaidi button on her shirt, undone. Every time she lectures me, she smiles seductively before she leaves again. What does she mean kwa this? Before the end of the day, I march into...
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