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He had alisema that he'd be there - heck, he alisema that he'd be her father's child. And yet, here she was, sitting on her couch, alone. They had been dating for a few months, and everything had been going sommothly...But...He hadn't called in over a week, and he had been extremely distant at work lately. It was as if he was pulling away from her, and didn't want anything to do with her. Still, however, she waited. He had sent her a text about an saa ago, saying that he was coming over...though she hoped, she didn't really believe that he would show.

knock, knock, knock

She basically ran to the door...
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At first, his dream was nothing, just darkness. Then suddenly it all swirled, and colors began emerging. Eventually, they stopped, and a picture emerged.

Greg was fervently kissing Lisa, and she was eagerly returning his entusiasm. They fell onto the bed, and, alas, the dream swirled again.

Now they were in a delivery room, and Lisa was squeezing House's hand, tears streaming down her face. The doctor was telling her to push - not much longer to go. Greg winced painfully as Lisa hit a especially strong contraction and squeezed his hand harder than ever.
"Come on, Lisa, wewe can do this. We can...
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Title: Pilot Redux
Rating: T (I guess – for innuendo)
Summary: I’m working on uandishi a Huddy ending on add-in scene for each episode. This is a continuation of “Pilot”. My first huddy fic so be nice :-)

“5PM…Doctor House checking out…make sure wewe write that down.” House tosses the last chart onto the desk. He smirks and makes his way to Cuddy’s office, bursting through the doors.

A soft groan of exasperation escapes her lips. “Do wewe even know how to knock?”

“Of course I do.”

“What do wewe want, House?”

“I just came kwa to see if wewe had any other eloquent pearls...
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a/n sorry for my spelling i an from iceland soo..

Cuddy and wilson were still halfasleep . as the
were walking people kept looking at
them and giving them funny looks .

House kept giggling and cuddy and Wilson were
getting innoyed

“WHAT!!?? “ cuddy finally snapped

“umm Cuddles wewe have a little something there”
house alisema as she pointed on cuddies face

“HOUSE what did wewe do” Wilson alisema as he started
to wake up and saw the moustache on cuddies face

Cuddy walked as quickly as she could to the

nearest bathroom and started rubbing it off.

House and Wilson went to the bathroom to and
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I think this chapter

kinda sucks but please tell me what wewe think;D

at the airport in new jersey

„where the hell is he ?? the clock is 3 : 15“

cuddy alisema in an angry tone

„you know him he is always late ohh there he

comes“ wilson replied

„house wewe were supposed to be here 15 dakika

ago“ cuddy alisema as she handed house his boarding


„Ohhh i am soooo sorry i just ohh good i can’t

belive it“ house alisema in an dramatic tone as they

started to walk to the security check

„Shut up“ she alisema annoyed

As they were walking house slipped some iron

thing (sorry I don’t know...
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Rating: T (to be safe)
Summary: Continuation of “Paternity”

House didn’t know how long he’d been standing on that lacrosse field. But the sun had gone down hours zamani and the sky was now pitch black and his breath was visible. He shook his head and downed two Vicodin before finally heading back to his car. He’d be lying if he alisema that his missed his old life. Looking back, college was the best time of his life. Lacrosse, running, tons of girls falling over themselves to get to him, Cuddy…he smiled faintly at those memories. She’d pursued him, but not in that way. She was intrigued...
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Lying on a blanket in the park, Olivia watched life go kwa – families playing, birds flying, and lovers laughing. She heard a voice behind her and smiled, having recognized it immediately. He dropped down onto the blanket beside her, and she rolled over to face him.

(Olivia P.O.V.)

El’s smile was so breathtaking, I nearly forgot how to breathe. Scooting closer, I laid my head down on his chest and snuggled up inayofuata to him.

Yeah, I know, a little bit of PDA, but who cares?

Our moment was interrupted kwa two children around the age of 5 jumping on juu of us. We both laughed, and El began tickling...
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