I think this chapter

kinda sucks but please tell me what wewe think;D

at the airport in new jersey

„where the hell is he ?? the clock is 3 : 15“

cuddy alisema in an angry tone

„you know him he is always late ohh there he

comes“ wilson replied

„house wewe were supposed to be here 15 dakika

ago“ cuddy alisema as she handed house his boarding


„Ohhh i am soooo sorry i just ohh good i can’t

belive it“ house alisema in an dramatic tone as they

started to walk to the security check

„Shut up“ she alisema annoyed

As they were walking house slipped some iron

thing (sorry I don’t know what it has to be) in

the pocket of cuddys pants

And when they were walking thru the security

check it beapt on cuddy and the security guard

had to tafuta her . the security guard then found

the thing in her pocket and let her go on

“House !!” cuddy alisema

“Flight 29 to Amsterdam is now boarding all

passangers please go to gate 13”

Wilson, cuddy and house now hurried to the gate

and boarded the plain.

When they got on the plain they sat in ther seats

and tried to sleep.

House woke up when ther was an saa after of the

flight and cuddy and Wilson where both a sleep.

House took up a penn and drew a moustache on

cuddy and wrote idiot on the forehead on Wilson.

After an saa the plain landed they all got out

of the plain and went to get ther bags.

Wilson and cuddy didin know about the moustache

and the uandishi on ther faces.