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A Fall to Change Everything
Chapter 1

Olivia fell to the ground clutching her neck, trying to lessen the blood flow. Meanwhile, Gitano made his escape up the escalator with Ryan and his sister. All Elliot had eyes for was Olivia.

"Liv! Oh God no, Olivia!", he alisema as he rushed to her side. It was apparent that she was trying to say something, but could not get the words out. Everytime she tried to speak, even zaidi blood seeped out from under her fingers.

"Shhh, Liv, dont speak." He covered her mouth with a finger before pulling her upper body up into his arms, him still kneeling on the ground.

"Liv," he began to say something, but saw her eyes beginning to drop closed.

"LIV!" he yelled to her, "Stay with me!"

Her eyes shot back open at that, and focused on his.

kwa this point they were slightly surrounded kwa a small ring of passerbyers, most crying, and he was choking back tears as well, but unsucessfully.

Olivia wanted to tell him not to cry, that she hated to see him crying and wished he wouldn't, but the words would not, [i]could[/u] not come.
It was hard enough to keep her eyes open. She only managed it kwa focusing on his face, words, and voice. Everything else was blurry, indistinct.

"Olivia," alisema Elliot, putting his tear-stained face inayofuata to hers, so close he could smell the shampoo she used. He began whispering, but everyone around them could still hear what he was saying.

"Liv, I need you. I can't live without you...I need you," he repeated, "Don't go. Please, for me. Don't go."
And then he alisema one zaidi thing, right before the paramedics arrived.

"I upendo you."


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