a/n sorry for my spelling i an from iceland soo..

Cuddy and wilson were still halfasleep . as the
were walking people kept looking at
them and giving them funny looks .

House kept giggling and cuddy and Wilson were
getting innoyed

“WHAT!!?? “ cuddy finally snapped

“umm Cuddles wewe have a little something there”
house alisema as she pointed on cuddies face

“HOUSE what did wewe do” Wilson alisema as he started
to wake up and saw the moustache on cuddies face

Cuddy walked as quickly as she could to the

nearest bathroom and started rubbing it off.

House and Wilson went to the bathroom to and
Wilson also started rubbing.

After 15 minuets they all came out of the
bathroom and went to get her bags.

Cuddy and wilson were irritate all the way to the
hotel and didn’t say anything

“We have 3 rooms booked here on the name
Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital” cuddy
alisema to The girl who worked on the hotel

“umm noo wewe only have 1 room booked with to beds, one double and one single

it says here that your assistant called and canceled your reservation”

“what I don’t have an assistant,, House!!” cuddy

“just saving the hospitals money, we could always share ” house alisema rather cheerfully

“Ohh my good , don’t wewe have any other rooms
i could get??”cuddy asked the girl trying to stay
calm “I am sorry we are all booked because of the

“fuck” cuddy alisema to herself

“ ooh my good cuddy what did wewe just alisema wewe know there are children here!” house alisema Dramatically

“shut up” the girl handed cuddy the keys to the

room and cuddy went as fast as she coulde so she
could get the sinlge kitanda

rewives are love<3