Episode 3: Occam’s Razor
Rating: T

“Go find Cuddy and kiss her ass.” That’s what Wilson had told him. That was why he was standing at her office door right now. And that was why he was doing something he hadn’t done since his first siku working there. He knocked.

“Come in.” She was working diligently on paperwork. When she heard the thump of his cane, she was sure that she had to be mistaken. She looked up slowly. “House? Are wewe okay?”

He set several files on her desk. “My paperwork”

She flipped through the papers in complete disbelief. “You actually did paperwork? And not only that, but this actually looks thorough and professional. What’s going on, House?”

“Its part of my job isn’t it?”

“Yes, but that still doesn’t explain why wewe did it. You’re not known for doing your job...at least without wewe being forced to do so. So, why’d wewe do it?”

“You know something...the glasses are pretty sexy. wewe look like…a naughty librarian.”

She couldn’t help but smile. “Just answer the question. What are wewe up to?”

“I guess wewe were right. Seeing patients has already made me a better doctor. It’s a miracle. Someone should alert the media. The Dean of Medicine at Princeton Plainsboro is a miracle worker in a wonder bra…quite the powerful combination.”

Cuddy rolled her eyes. “Funny. Well, I guess the reason doesn’t really matter. I’m just happy you’re doing your job for a change without me having to hunt wewe down. It’s a very nice change. I hope it continues.”

“Do I get a cookie now, Mommy?”

“Sorry, I’m fresh out of cookies. But, why don’t wewe take off from the clinic an saa early today.”

“Well, if wewe insist.” He headed for the door, opening it before turning back. “Wilson thinks that I’m in upendo with you, ya know?”

She forgot to breathe. “What did wewe tell him?”

“That there was not a thin ukuta between upendo and hate…but instead a Great ukuta of China with armed sentries every 20 feet.”

“House, don’t forget that there are a lot of sections of the Great ukuta that have been destroyed over there years. There are gaps in that wall. It just took time.”

“It took centuries. And don’t hold your breath about the whole me doing work continuing thing.” He left quickly causing her to laugh softly.

“Whatever wewe say, House.”