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"And on hivi karibuni news, Hugh Laurie, the nyota of the hit televisheni onyesha "House" is back in Los Angeles after a mwezi back nyumbani with his family. He smiles and seems unusually cheery as he stepped out of the airport this morning. News of his marriage falling apart seems to be completely untrue as pictures of him with his wife were shot around London last week, both of them inaonyesha no reservations for PDA. "House" is reported to start shooting its fifth season this spring. Stay tuned for…"

It had been four days since she had heard that news on her T.V and she still remembered every frame of picture...
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lisa edelstein
Hugh Laurie
house md
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posted by HuddyBea
I know, I know, I've been missing for an awful lot of time. Forgive me. *headdesk* Work and study kidnapped me, chewed me up and threw my Bones away xD I am back now, sort if someone's still hanging around for inayofuata chap, let me know, alright? I know, some of wewe might find this fic prolonging forever tiring much. I am sorry, again, I have too much in my plate right now. Even my personal life is getting messy...I am moving out these days. Sort of. Well, my mom doesn't know I am yet, that might turn out weird :P

Anyway, I'll make wewe a deal this time. New Chap ilitumwa on FP kwa Sunday night, what do wewe say? And then I'll try to deliver one each week. I mean it can't go on forever, we have almost done with it. Just, IDK, 4 au 5 chaps left, I think, the way I have planned it. What do wewe say? Let me know.

upendo wewe much.
Miss wewe more.
Wish them two back together even more.
As usual.

posted by HuddyBea
I am trying to do it all. Keep checking. zaidi are coming...
Ehm...I am not quite sure about this one thou. I mean, just tell me whether wewe truly like this chapter, I am kinda Lost here this time. It's like I can't...feel them as I wish I were able to these days. Does this make sense to you? I am a little off my game I guess. Sorry if it's not the chapter of the year...


She got her breath, “Do wewe really wanna know.... “ she started off, coldly panting a bit “Do wewe really wanna know....what I think?”
Hugh’s eyes softened again.
“Yes please...” he said, squeezing her hand...
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posted by HuddyBea
Sorry to keep wewe waiting :) If wewe were waiting xD Anyway, here wewe go. I'll post the following one later au tomorrow. Have it written already :)



He sensed her shifting upwards a bit, arching down on him.
He winced stifling, averting his eyes.
God he shouldn't, should he?
“Hugh?” she called.
He sighed, looking up into her eyes again.
Her fingers softly tickled behind his ear. Her eyes pointed at him. Fixed upon him. Large, pale, of a bewitching bright changing color zaidi than ever.
“Yes?” he breathed.

She eased her eyes closed...
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Just b-r-e-a-t-h-e.....


It had been a decision that had just made itself out of necessity. Nothing zaidi than that. There would have been no other way to hide.
There was a deserted half-lit corridor on one side and, on the opposite, just simply some step; steps getting closer and closer sekunde kwa seconds.
There hadn’t even been any way to thought it twice. There hadn’t been the time.
Lisa had grabbed Hugh kwa his hand, flung the door open, yanked him in, whirl ed round and snapped it back shut behind them. Just like that.
Then, on having twirled...
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Here we are. Always kusoma I hope. I haven't got as many maoni as usual, but I really don't know whether that's because someone just abandoned me au wewe are just too busy and quickly keep going through it to post. And with those awful House news...
Don't get me wrong guys, I am not an attention seeking dude. I write 'cause I like it and I keep on with the story 'cause it deserves to be finished since we all loved them both so much, but anyway, try giving me a sign I told you, I have others kusoma elsewhere, so I won't blame wewe if wewe tell m "enough with it". I'll get it....
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Ok I am not gonna wait any catch up if wewe please. Otherwise if too much time passes wewe miss the shabiki of it ;) Enjoy but review guys!!!! How am I supposed to know my readers haven't left the spot tired with Hugh & Lisa?! Come on xD

Anyway....things are getting hot *whistles*


“What!? What?!”
David woke up with a start, as someone lightly felt like being slapping him on the cheek.
He sprang mbele and leaned to his knees.
“What?!” he asked again, passing one hand over his face.
He blinked a coupled of times. Katie was looking...
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See? I am getting better at coping with my new life :D
Here's the thing, I have sth like five chaps in a row almost ready. inayofuata one certainly is, and the part 3 is in progress and I think it will be ready kwa Sunday. So if wewe leave a "check" below, I'll know when I can post part 2, alright? Here we go, hope wewe enjoy the tension ;)



David sprawled himself some lower onto the couch. He smiled again “We are gonna see sparks I believe...”
“That’s way I wanna stay around....night’s not over yet”
He abandoned his head backwards...
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posted by partypantscuddy
Okay so this site hates me and won't let me post a link using the viungo so I'll post it here.

I started uandishi this last week, and wewe can see the viungo below. There are two chapters so far and the third is almost finished. The jist of it is what I think would happen if Lisa came back for the series finale. So don't be afraid to read it and leave maoni on the posts, they're on my live journal, and anonymous maoni are enabled so wewe don't even need an account to comment. I hope wewe like!

I'm trying to win wewe back playing not so much fairly perhaps :p Two chaps in a row is always a win

It wasn’t the dead-night anymore.
But not even daytime yet, as a matter of fact, even if a gleaming blanket was hovering in the air now. It drifted through the dust, gilding it, making it glisten brightly.
Everything looked like having a glow. Even the plastic fake-plants in the hall. Even the navy blue carpet on the ground. Even the long empty corridors ahead of him.
It would have been one of his inayopendelewa hours of the siku - dawn breaking.
If only those damn above-mentioned last one would stop...
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Hi guys!!!! :D See? I told wewe I would be back! Now please tell me someone will be kusoma it xD It costs me ages of effort, no kidding, Phew those two are twisted :P Hope wewe like it, that it will make wewe smile and laugh at times au cry. As wewe wish. I don't mind if wewe spill some tears ;)

A previously is very much needed. From where? Alright...the whole Help Me kissing scene it is then if wewe insist :P


Previously on Dec/Dec:

Lisa’s face changed one zaidi time. Like it had done one thousands time before since he knew her. Cuddy and her....
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posted by HuddyBea
Hi guys, it's me :) how are wewe doing? Sorry I have been away for so long, been busy at work. So, I was now just wondering what's the general mood like. I mean, a few of wewe used to come along to read my fic, but are wewe still waiting? the story isn't done yet, that's for sure but if wewe are not going to read, cause wewe all left the spot, well then IDK whether I should post more.

Let me know and however wewe decide, Ijust so wewe know, I loved this spot to the core, I loved my Marafiki around here like sisters and I thank them all for all the laughs and wonderful mornings and nights they gave me...
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“So…?” she asked him, glancing up once again “What’s on your mind?”
Hugh stalled for a moment. Then shook his head, smiling feebly “Nothing….nothing, really…I was just…I…”
“You’ve been pretty pensive all night long wewe know….” she cut him off, gently “…and I have seen enough of that look on your face to recognize the signs….” she added smiling with her eyes.
Hugh dropped his jaw a little. Then something began to warm him up.
She crossed her arms over her chest, staring up at him sweetly “…will wewe please let me in?”
A real smile erupted on his face...
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Here we are. Two other chaps in a row. A short one and a longer one. wewe can't complain really :P
BTW not posting the previously cause we left David being a party pooper and walking out of setting. Just two lines to remember wewe all were we left out fav couple :)

She burst out laughing quietly, bringing one hand to her mouth. And once again he couldn’t help himself: he tuck a strand behind her ear, sighing, “You see?” he alisema cherishing the words with his tone “You’ve just shined some zaidi brightly…"

As his fingers brushed across the side of her face, against her skin, Lisa had shivered...
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posted by HuddyBea
Here wewe go, inayofuata chap. Hope the others will catch up but those I think are nicer if I post them all "in a row" so to speak ;) And thanks for the reviews guys, I saw some new readers :D



At some point the microphone was gone, everyone was far away from them, and they were alone.
Well sort of. Greg was still bustling about around them.
But they were alone. As much as they always had been allowed to in such circumstances.
Hugh on his behalf was still trying to make the thudding in his ears going to cease. His eyes moving restlessly...
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posted by HuddyBea
You want just one au two chaps? au the four I have ready already? XD But REVIEW guys! How do I know wewe all have read otherwise? It's not like I necessarily need wewe to put a moyo on it, I'm not that attention seeking - although it feels great when wewe do ;) - but I would ok enough with a "Checked!" XD



They had kept on kissing for a few seconds, eyes-open, locked to one another, just like that, without saying a word.
“I should go…” he had repeated to her at last, forcing himself to.
She had pressed her lips, nodding a little.
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