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“What!? What?!”
David woke up with a start, as someone lightly felt like being slapping him on the cheek.
He sprang mbele and leaned to his knees.
“What?!” he asked again, passing one hand over his face.
He blinked a coupled of times. Katie was looking at him, smiling.
He squeezed his eyes. “I fell asleep didn’t I?”
Katie nodded, looking sympathetically.
He hid his face into his hands and rubbed it vigorously again, while peering around. He must have just been sleeping for a bunch of minutes. Everything looked exactly the same.
Except the light. That was becoming to get annoyingly glaring. He shielded.
But apart from that, the post-wrap-up-party-self-decimation-scenario was still up, definitely. Hugh and Lisa being left aside - of whom he still had a vivid memory of and God knew what had being up to so far that he didn’t want to know anything of - the room looked just the same. An hecatomb of people who clearly had too much of a poor social life on a regular basis, as it was unmistakably proven kwa the fact that they had ended up wasted and smashed after just a couple of turns. Pathetic. Anyway Steve must have just managed to hold himself together and jog on away, cause he was nowhere to be seen.
David tried to put his watch into focus, moving it back and forth before his eyes. Dave still lay down on his stomach like a dead weight with his face pressed very smashed-potato-like against on of the arms of his couch. He sure as hell wouldn’t be going anywhere any time soon.
“He is still breathing...right?” he asked with a slight hint of concern in his voice.
Katie moved her eyes over to Dave, keeping perfectly still. She took a few moments to ponder.
“Yep, he is...” she alisema flatly “I see his upendo handles moving....”
Greg still snorted loudly instead, for their greatest pleasure. And he had been so far, very much undisturbed, like nothing had never been going on around him, either during, after au before the shooting.
Katie half-arched an eyebrow, slightly wondering how that was even possible, aliyopewa the situation; and come to think of it, it was also a little bit off. Greg might be an absolute asshole alright but if he had one quality that was that he was perceiving.
She shook her head, at last, going back staring to the ceiling “He’ll dying saying tiredness took him over, rather than admitting he simply passed out after the first shot, wewe know that right?” she alisema slobbishly.
David stared at him, swollen-eyed, simply day-dreaming a giant washtub of ice-cold water to poke his face into, “Yeah I know....” he slurred, squeezing his eyes tight “Greg holds his drink like House would a meeting on family practice and wash-dishing....”
Silence followed his assertion. Then slowly, without ungluing it from the back of the couch, Katie turned her head to him, and it was silence again, filled with dozens of thousands of little something sizzling and twitching inside their heads.
Then a beam of light rended the air in front of them, drawing a luminous line along the carpet.
They traded a new look.
“Dave?” called Katie.
David had his his face plunged deep into his fit.
He was on the verge of falling asleep once more, “Mmm?” he hummed.
“We should go....” she said.
He heaved a sigh “Yeah I know...”
He threw himself backwards again, though, closing his eyes.
“NO Dave!!!!” she reached to pull at his arm.
“Mmm?!” he grunted.
“Come on, it’s time come on....”
“Oh, just another minute....”
“No, come on, Dave!!” she said, pushing herself upright “We gotta drag Greg out of here, wake up Dave, freshen up, come on! Up! DAVE!!!!” she struggled “Please, wewe weight...”
He heaved a loud sigh, letting her lifting him up “Alright, alright....let’s do it...”
Katie went to crouch kwa the armchair “Greg?” she whispered “Greg? Wake up, let’s go...it’s daytime...Greg?” she whispered again. She shook him kwa one arm “Greg! Come on, Sleeping Beauty let’s go....”
David gave one last hollow yawn, stretching out from head to toe “He has quite a heavy sleep, doesn’t him?!”

Lisa had just found herself closing her eyes to that feeling, for one short moment, longing to let herself fall into it, gently; just as gently as he had sweetly reached to brush the usual forelock off her face, all the time wishing she could find a sure way to keep the feeling of it, of the way he did it, for ever with her.
She tilted her head slightly at some point, feeling like nestling it inside his hand “What took wewe so long?” she asked, instead, opening her eyes.
The back of his fingers slowly traced its way down her face, kissing it.
“I am afraid I was held hostage kwa the The Night Binge Drinking Club....” he smirked, looking straight into her eyes, which caused her head to get a little bit lighter, immediately. Then his eyes clouded a bit. And she found herself wishing she could find the courage to ask him why to, when knowing nevertheless she’d rather gloss over everything. She knew it she shouldn’t have. She knew what it would have been right to do.
Hugh inched himself a little bit closer after a second, though, and then his gaze felt like lingering right above of her head, for a moment, as if pondering carefully until he simply smiled down at her again with pressed lips, the clouds momentarily gone off his eyes, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear caringly.
It would have taken her a moment if she had truly wanted to from there.
Drawing him down to her, shutting that door closed behind them and just pretend; pretend she didn’t want any part of her to be any different from the way it had always been.
She took a silent deep breath.
Hugh kept fiddling with her hair, smoothing them down kwa their ends.
Her eyes twinkled at him, though “Night Binge Drinking Club?” she forced herself to ask, teasingly.
“Yeah...” a large beam was suddenly dancing on his lips “I was hoping wewe would appreciate the wit I have molded this little gang-name with....” he said, keeping on brushing her hair.
Lisa didn’t get it immediately. Then slowly her face began to lit up
“Were you?” she asked.
Hugh made a face, feeling his moyo thudding badly, “Who else I put any of my occasional little shows up for, do wewe think?” he joked.
He knew he was surfing the edge of very dangerous waters.
He knew that sooner au later he just had to let it go.
He just couldn’t yet.
Lisa’s chest felt like being barely capable of holding it all together.
She had to breath again and lower her stare, but couldn’t prevent her eyes from smiling a little bit brighter.
“So...Binge Drinking Club, huh?” she asked, glancing up.
“It was, seriously” he laughed. He couldn’t stop arranging her hair at the side of her face, just brushing it “it was THE WasteD-land, no kidding. wewe should been there to witness the downfall. They can hardly hold their drinks, upon my word....”
Lisa lifted up her eyes on him. The feeling of his hands twining in her hair was going to her head, “And wewe can of course, can’t you?” she said, breathing a little bit harder.
Hugh distinctly felt something surging up through his body this time. But he couldn’t still seem to remember what he knew he would have no better time than now to say.
“I have been raised with English whisky from my father and bourbon from my mother...” he joked, instead. And then Lisa giggled with one of those silverly laugh of hers. and his hand was cupping to her face all kwa itself, while a confused feeling of eagerness grow zaidi and zaidi restless inside him and he knew it would be advisable just railing against it.
“So wewe have been trained...” she said.
“Yeah...” he smiled, while framing her cheek with a wisp, flatting it against it.
“I see...” she added sweetly. And then her lips stretched to one side, kissing his thumb lightly, without she even realized what she was doing, but that was the counter-evidence for him, the proof he had definitely pushed himself too far with it, ‘cause he could now hardly manage to get his mind around the real reason he had come all this way for anymore.
They laughed together for a moment.
But it was one of those strange kind of a laughs.
The ones of that husky kind that gets swallowed down in wewe throat whenever wewe burst into one of them.
Until the spell was broken and Hugh ultimately imposed himself to pull away, once and for all.
Lisa felt the warmth of his skin sliding off her face.
And it kind of stupidly felt like lights had been turned off all of sudden, leaving her alone backstage.
Not that she hadn’t been expecting it to happen.
But she was starting on making herself some real maswali now, wondering for how long she would be able to pretend neither of all of this was in any way affecting her at all.
Hugh’s mind was racing. He really do not have time to keep fooling around.
What was he doing...
He dropped himself sideways against the doorjamb, fairly clumsy, clearing his throat, “Ehm anyway ehm....at what, at what time did you, did wewe say wewe have to be at the airport?!” he asked, frowning a bit, as lowering his stare to the ground.
Lisa felt her stomach dropping. It took her a sekunde to answer.
“I didn’t” she found herself pointing out, she didn’t know why “But it’s 9.30” she said.
Hugh nodded, slowly pursing lips, crossing his arms over his chest.
“Right...” he said.
Silence. He knew that would be the perfect time to address it. Well, not perfect one maybe, but still, the most suitable one so far. Either he let things flow and go on as they were au he alisema something about it.
He licked his lips; went to open his mouth...
“Why, anyway?” Lisa asked suddenly, cutting him short somehow, it felt, even if he wasn’t so sure how he was to start off.
A tight tangle was crawling up over itself in his stomach now “Well I...I...I just....”
Lisa watched him wondering what exactly her moyo was now back bouncing about in her chest for. She knew it would be insanity.
Hugh stalled and watched her, and his mind pounded, and his throat burned, and his stomach writhed, and in the end he just found himself stroking over the thigh of his left leg, without even realizing it.
“Well, wewe know me...I guess”, he sighed. frowning his forehead “I become quite sentimental about send offs in general, so...so...”
“...so you’d better cut off before the time comes....” she finished flatly matter-of-fact.
Somewhere inside her there was someone whispering a soft I had told wewe so in the voice of one of those fairy-talish mischievous sprites no-one ever likes.
He stared hard to the ground, “Well yeah...I mean” he frowned again, pausing “Well no, of course not, but I mean...” he felt a sharp pang in his chest “...it didn’t feel like we..like we were very good at it before...did it?”
Lisa’s cheeks felt like being on fire, “Kinda hastened it yeah...”
“Yeah we did...” he alisema without lifting his eyes stare.
She lowered her eyes too, turning to him a bit.
“Yeah sorry about that...” she said.
Something new she could not remember having ever feel before was surging up inside her now.
He snapped his head up to that, “Oh now, I didn’t mean that. wewe don’t have to...” “Yeah I know that but still...” she shrugged, smiling tensely “I wasn’t expecting it sorry...”
“No honestly, please...” he alisema paining, panicking, wishing to say something, everything that might make this right “...a..a..anyway” he stammered “it wasn’t like I was finding myself in any position to do anything...right?” he sort of laugh, forcedly.
“No, definitely” Lisa laughed unconvincingly in turn.
“Like I could have hug wewe out au squeeze wewe tight in public” he pressed on “not that there would be something wrong with it but”
“Or kiss me goodbye I mean” she sighed.
“Well no, right” he stammered.
Silence, again. Just the thud of his blood pulsing ferociously in his ears.
“Unless wewe think...” he added. And he did’t know why he had alisema that.
Lisa bit her lips, hard.
“No, of course not” she alisema firmly “We definitely can’t do that” she added frowning.
Hugh nodded, “Yeah, right. No of course, what I was saying indeed...”
She smiled, crookedly tightening her arms behind her back, “You’ll make the higher waves in history...it would be insane...”
“Yeah...” he agreed. His moyo sank a little bit lower in the meanwhile “...that wouldn’t be very smart right....”
“No...” she agreed.
She nodded “No it wouldn’t, it would....”
“Sush!!!” he cut her off right out there suddenly.
He strained his ears, pulling himself up, but only remained looking over the corridor, careful to make no sound.
“Hugh wh....?”
He brought on finger to his lips, without turning to her, making her frown. Then inched a step away, tipping mbele slightly, always careful to keep quiet.
She scoffed a little laugh, “Hugh come on, please...” she said, pulling playfully at the end of his shati “...you developing your I-have-a-feeling-someone-is-eavesdropping-on-uscomplex again? I seriously....”
“I don’t know why he looks so hyped up!! How the hell should I know?!”
Lisa’s moyo bumped so wild to hurt.
Hugh leaped backwards instantly, swirling them round to the ukuta and silencing her with his hand even before she could hear the steps approaching.
“I am not saying wewe should, I’m just saying whether wewe do!!!” David shouted.
Hugh held her tight. He pushed her under the threshold and caught his breath, looking down into her eyes.
“Well, the guy passed out on that armchair after his first shot, why wewe blaming me?! wewe were there too...”
Silence fell all of sudden. It sounded like they had stopped.
Lisa looked up at him, panicked.
He shook his head, firmly, keeping on covering up her mouth.
Then just as much as suddenly, there was something like the thud of the steps of someone running through. Someone laughing a drunk person laugh.
They frowned, Hugh releasing his grip on her mouth, lightly.
“Have wewe saw him?! What is he doing?!”
Katie hesitated, “Well...I guess, he looks like being high au something....”
“Oh yeah?! Really?!” David spoke up “Oh thank wewe header-upper...I have never guessed!!”
A giggle this time. A strange one filled the corridor.
Katie heaved a hard sigh “Well I was just...No, not there sweetie...”
There was a deaf thud.
“That’s not our door...stand up, here...come on....”
“Alright...alright...I’ll knock down later...” someone slurred.
“I’ll knock wewe down LATER wewe son of a bitch!” David hissed.
There was once again a sudden sound of quick steps, like the excited hammering of a kid hurtling up and down on his tiptoes.
“Greg No!!!!” Katie shouted “Come here, come on!”
Lisa googled. Hugh furrowed his eyebrows, hinting at a surprised smile.
“Greg...” they whispered.
“What?” Katie asked bluntly “Did wewe say something?!”
Lisa held his breath once more. Hugh’s throat clenched up tight. He went back pressing himself harder against her.
“Oh Katie please, don’t wewe too start hearing voices on me now....I beg you....” David grunted loudly “....shall we just have him locked up somewhere please?! I have a fucking meeting with the fucking network’s fucking entertainment president within a few hours and I CAN’T BABYSIT my director!!! I have no time for it!!!!”
Katie sighed, clearly hurrying up towards him. And then it sounded like she was making an effort to lift up something heavier than her “You’re gonna die young of some stress-induced moyo disease, I swear...” she murmured.
They waited, breathing slowly ‘till the steps would die out completely, and everything would be swallowed down whole into the early morning quietness once again.
Then, Lisa slowly raised her eyes to him.
“Are they gone?” she whispered.
He breathed out lightly, staying clutched to her, ears still strained.
“Yeah, I think so...” he said.
They remained in silence for a couple of seconds.
Then Hugh lowered his stare down to her.
They were still glued to each other, eyes locked.
They began to smile.
And then they gave in to it.
“Oh God!” she laughed, cupping her hands in front of her mouth “I almost couldn’t....”
“I know...” he cried “I couldn’t either I....”
“Yeah but...Greg?!” she said, her eyes twinkling up to him.
He shook his head, “Yeah, I mean...how?”
“When?” she chuckled.
“All that lightening perfectionism...” he said
“...and all the shouting and the catching the right angle paranoia...”
She stifled another laugh “Well now it all adds up...”
“He’s methodic usually but...” he kept on reasoning, smiling amused.
“...but not like this anyway...” she observed.
“Yeah, sure...but why didn’t he do that?”
Lisa dropped her hands down, looking suddenly flabbergasted “How come no one noticed it is the question...” she chuckled, staring up at him, while shaking her head slowly in disbelief.
Hugh made a face, as if he couldn’t find a reasonable answer “I don’t know, but we were there right?!”
“Yeah but we were shooting, what were Katie and Dave doing?”
He shook his head, slowly, mouth hanging slightly open, trying to put his memories into focus “I don’t know, I can’t remember where they were standing...” he admitted “...but I guess if I had payed enough attention he would definitely look to me...well...he would look”
Lisa’s eyes sparkled up at him, teasingly“....what?” she prompted.
“...well a bit...” he hesitated.
She crossed her arms over he chest as leveling the back of her hand with her mouth to cover it “...over inflated wewe mean?” she quipped.
“No, I...”
But he silenced abruptly. bursting into another chocked laughter
He shook his head, dropping his head down, “You’re terrible...”
She made an innocent face “What?! What did I say?!”
“You know it...”
“Well but it sounds fairly appropriate for Greg...”
“Lisa, please!! He’s our friend, ” he laughed though without managing to get a grip on himself “
She kept laughing too, looking stealthy at him.
“Someone should sting him...” she suggested after a second.
Hugh licked his lips, doing his best to keep a straight face.
Lisa burst out laughing even harder, though, “I was just thinking....” she gasped for air, laughing and he could barely could hold himself any longer “Just imagine the fireworks display!!!” she trailed off, her voice cracking as she swooped her hand up in circles.
They cracked up again like teens, for real this time, Lisa having to rest her head mbele against him, to suffocate the giggling, her hands clutched down to the ends of his shirt, instinctively tugging him closer and Hugh just laughing. Just chocking laughs and having to breath with his mouth, as the scent of her hair came through so strong to hurt, feeling like scraping his throat.
Hurting it so badly to be the best thing he believed had ever experienced in months; which might have been seen like another overstatement of course, but then again his context to him was everything at the moment.
He looked down at Lisa.
And he doubted he would never find the words to name what he was having going on inside him right now, not even if he had a whole week ahead left.
Much less an saa au so.
Lisa’s head slowly raised, “You know...” she started. Their laughs were still fresh on her lips. She smiled as shaking her head slightly to brush her hair off her face., “...that was pretty exciting, anyway...”
He couldn’t find his voice to respond but her grey eyes sparkling at him, were the last thing he remembered seeing clearly.
“Yeah, a real blast...” he quipped, increasingly lightheaded.
She chuckled, averting her eyes, rubbing her lips, chewing them a bit, as having the dreadful foreboding feeling life would flow, no matter how hard she wished time would stop just for them.
She pointed her eyes up to him again, hesitantly “You missed it?”
They both kept quiet for a moment, just staring at each other with the light slowly proceeding and swallowing up everything.
Hugh had never been able to feel his heartbeat so clearly, yet thudding softly this time; hard against his chest yes but with a spaced rhythm which was pervading everything.
“I missed the way it used to be between us actually” he found himself answering her.
Lisa suddenly felt the need to press herself back against the doorjamb, but she tipped her head, smiling, getting exactly what he meant, her hands still tight on his shirt.
“Me too...” she realized to have said, after barely a second.
It didn’t matter to her whether there was no way back from saying it out loud this time. It was just like drifting, as the tide turned once more.
The shadow of a smile flickered on Hugh’s face.
“I am gonna miss you...” he said, suddenly.
It was like being carried away easily and effortlessly kwa something which was impossible to resist.
Lisa could barely feel the waves, kwa now.
She pulled at his shirt, lightly, “I am gonna miss wewe too...”
In the back of his mind a voice whispered, asking him whether this was what he had come all this way for; what he was doing; and whether he knew this didn’t mean he could gloss over it all.
He knew it of course.
He knew it.
He just couldn’t give up to it yet.
Lisa kept her eyes open on him, and she knew it didn’t make any sense, that it would just make things harder for both of them, she knew it, but Hugh had started closing his eyes already, bending down to her slowly and her moyo would simply burst out if she hadn’t aliyopewa in to it, even if she knew it din’t make any sense...
His lips hung lightly above hers, looking swollen and soft.
She closed her eyes. Then frowned, a little breathless already, reopening them as she realized he had stopped and was now looking down at her.
“What’s the matter?” she panted.
He watched her serious, as if been searching for something into her eyes.
“May I?” he panted as well, very softly after a moment.
Her lips curled up tenderly at the corners, trembling a little yet “You still asking for permission?”
He was just managing to barely hover away, actually, but somehow apparently a residual glimmer of lucidity must have been holding on somewhere inside him.
“I like to believe I have learned not to give the things I care about too much for granted...” he alisema in a low whisper.
But then his mind was swimming incoherently anyway and he wasn’t still pulling away even he knew he should have.
Lisa smiled some zaidi brightly, which didn’t certainly help,
“Have you?” she asked, with an even tender care being still very much conscious that it might even make no sense, but that it was just like being driven mbele without having a say on it.
Hugh felt suddenly a lot of blood surging though as she arched herself slightly mbele to him.
“Rather than just simply take...” he gulped, his stare running down on her “wonder at first, the wise say...”
Lisa’s chest moved up and down quickly kwa now, keeping pace with with the thrust of blood surging all-throughout and she knew it didn’t make any sense, she knew it, but there was no way to stop herself.
She pulled some zaidi at the ends of his shirt, her breath shorter tickling up on his beard, “I think wewe just wonder too much...” she whispered.
Hugh closed his eyes, holding up no more.
“I’ll take that as a yes...” he panted shifting forward.
She held her breath, felling a quiver down her spine “Yes, definitely”