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The Huli tidbit needs to stay here :-)
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posted by huddyforever
TAKE TWO!!! I hope wewe enjoy this version a little zaidi than the last! It’s still the same plot (basically). I’m just tweaking it a little bit:))) Oh and sorry it took me sooo long to post. My cat (Cuddy) got really sick (she ended up sneezing a grub worm out of her…gross) and so I was busy watching her and then I got a new idea from the SMEXY PROMO!!! WOOT WOOT!!! And then so I started making a new fic and then I was like oh wait I can just combine them (hate when that happens:P) and so then I had to modify things once again and to juu it all off I had writers block and well enough with...
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posted by Noeloe
Thank wewe so much for your reviews on the last chapter! I'm sorry for the delay of this one, but I hope wewe enjoy it! I don't know when I will be able to post again as I have some big tests coming up... Anyways, this is chapter 9, enjoy!

‘So… you’re going to call a cab?’, Hugh asked as they entered his house. ‘I guess so. Have to get nyumbani someway…’ Hugh turned around, ‘That’s not true… I mean… wewe could stay.’ Lisa frowned, ‘I-I.. ehm… yes, but aren’t wewe sick of me yet? It would be two nights in a row… We’ve never done that before…’ ‘There are lots...
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posted by LisaLover
They had a break between the scenes when Lisa grabbed a bottle of water from the counter and came outside the studio to take a breath of fresh air. When she was walking among the trailers, she noticed Hugh strolling and kusoma the script. She could noticed that he was angry, au maybe he was just preparing for the role, repeating his lines aloud.

“Hey, take a little break” she smiled coming up to him from behind when he turned to face her.

“I can’t. I need to read the script one zaidi time and practice my lines” he answered quite harshly and turned around again.

“I bet wewe know them...
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posted by huddysmacked
Hey Hulies!!! SO as wewe read we are gonna meet Hugh and Lisa but in a shabiki fic XDDD The idea came to me because it might be fun and I wanted to do so… So this is the first chap. In the first chap not everyone will appear but meanwhile I already have planned this:

Cast: (if wewe want to be part of it just leave a comment)

Huddyislove : Hilly
Huddysmacked : Regi
HugeEgoSorry: Xy
ItalianHuddy: Silv
AstruianHuddy: Em
Huddylove4ever: Laci
Gtalisa: Gab

This is totally a FICTION story, so disclaimer I own no one and nothing but my right to write.

“Are wewe Hugh Laurie?” Hugh Laurie slowly turned and the...
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Now please tell me wewe liked it XD Enjoy guys, I upendo wewe and well....keep kusoma if wewe still feel like it :)

Chapter 27 Part 3

Lisa heard the latch clapping.
Then, silence.
Nothing more.
Just silence.
No zaidi steps. Not a soft whisper au a sigh.
Not even the deaf tumble of the door that got pulled shut.
She had her hands still tightly clung onto the doors of her wardrobe, she was keeping them burst open, staring inside.
She didn’t even know why she had gone to it. Her clothes weren’t even in there.
She strained her ears, keeping on staring ahead, blankly.
Several long moments passed.
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The following was my reaction after kusoma an makala written kwa Piers morgan with a rather enormous mention of Huli. It was orginally written as a comment, but then...well things got a little out of hand and I decided it would be best if I put this out as an article. If wewe haven't read the makala yet, there's a link on this spot, and wewe really should check it out before kusoma on. Anyways, please maoni with your opinions! I really want to know what wewe guys think about all this (okay, I say this a lot at the end too...I guess I really am getting crazy and desperate). Haha, aright, enjoy...
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I guess my writers block is slowly fading away;) So for your pleasure, the 2nd chapter!

Reality Check

The inayofuata morning Lisa woke up at the sound of the alarm clock. The clock told her it was 8am, which according to Lisa meant that she had slept-in, but she still felt tired. Not the usual kind of tired though, which was defined kwa aching leg- and back muscles. When she concentrated on the location of her muscle-aches she stirred, she remembered her midnight-visitor and their screams of passion, which now replayed itself over and over again in her mind. But that had all been a dream, right?...
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