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I have been wondering for a while whether I should have addressed this to Santa Claus, instead. After some pondering, I started flipping through the pages of my calendar in order to check how long it would take my wishing orodha to be delivered to him. wewe know, it’s not as simple as it sound dealing with air mail postage delivery times when it comes to Lapland….apparently air communication lines with Italy aren’t that efficient. But, anyway back to the point, I was flipping through the pages of my calendar, right? On a side note, I know, sorry…I upendo digressing, I have realized almost...
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Hello my fellow sinners! rue0613 here with an Emmy themed FF. This FF started as a blabber in playingcold’s makala about the Emmy.
@ PC – This is fulfilling my “a lick and a promise.” LOL
PLEASE READ THIS WARNING: Here’s the thing my galfriends, this FF is rated M (meaning for 18 years old and above). I think wewe already know what I mean, hence, please, if wewe are under 18 (or not really a shabiki of rated M FFs) and still want to read this, there will be a warning to were wewe should STOP, let me repeat, STOP reading, and were wewe can again START reading. If wewe read between those warnings...
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Yeah, this is the last chapter before the epilogue :)
I hope wewe enjoyed this story, as much as wewe could (:C
There's still a LOT to be discussed though...
And I hope you'll upendo the epilogue :)
Until the epilogue... Have this last chapter :)
I personally like it on so many levels I can't describe.
And, yeah, wewe can call me egoistic :P
, I don't mind XD

I would like to thank all of wewe that read my story, for sticking up with it even though I was sick at times, and couldn't post regularly :)
Oh, and thanks everyone that voted for my fanfic Trick au Treat :)
You earn me two awards :)
Love wewe guys :)...
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Several days passed, Hugh didn't know how to talk to his wife about what their children had said.
Jo was in the room and Hugh was about to enter but heard that Jo was on the phone and he decided not to enter.
"I can not see you, I told you, my husband is here ... yeah I'll talk to him, I promise that soon I will talk with him, I upendo wewe too, bye." Decia Jo.
Hugh entered the room and confronted his wife.
"Some days ago, the boys talked to me and told me they thought wewe had a lover ... I did not want to believe that ... but now I see that is true au not?" alisema Hugh, his wife looked shocked,...
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This is a one-shot with the possibility of becoming a short fic. If this does become one with chapters I won't be able to post until like the 16 of January because school is starting Monday and I need to focus but I will work on it every spare sekunde and the 16 (when I leave for vacation) I will post...because I'll be bored. LOL!!!

First siku back from Winter Vacation.

Everyone slowly started getting in to work one kwa one. When Lisa got there Robert, Omar, and Jesse were there and having some coffee while Katie and David talked about last dakika necessities. She was really eager to see everyone...
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So, so sorry for not posting sooner, but I have been, and am sick,
and ... I want to feel better, so what's better than making wewe happier and getting some reviews in the process :)
I upendo wewe all so much :))))))

Chapter 11: How much complicated does it get?

Four months later

“Fifteen- love” Becca yelled from her chair inayofuata to the tennis court. She had been an umpire for all the matches between Charlie-Billy and Hugh-Lisa, including this one.
Hugh smirked, he and Lisa were wining, three gems to zero in the first set. Finally, he'd got a good enough partner. Not that Becca wasn't good at...
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So Hulies!!!I have decided to not give uo with this fic, I am uandishi zaidi everyday but with school I have had barely time to post here...So forgive my delate but I am here again, uandishi zaidi for wewe and well because Huli inspires to do that XDDD

So leave a review =)) upendo ya guys

LOL yeah I am that happy because of the Huddy news!!!

At the hospital Hugh waited outside the ER. A doctor approached him and he stood up.

“Mr.Laurie? “ He nodded.

“The seizure attack has been controlled but unfortunately we don’t know what caused it. We are willing to make some tests on her. She is right now...
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Yeah yeah I know...I'm late with the Valentine fics but whatever. LOL Short Huli fic…Oh and just so wewe know, Hugh is divorced in this fic. Lol.

February 14. Such a siku for love, gifts, and just spending time with the one wewe want to see…. Well maybe to some. For Lisa it was a siku for sulking in depression at the thought of another romantic siku spent alone. It was 9 am already and she hadn’t done anything special. After yoga she fed her animals, had a balungi and cereal, and was now watching reruns of Project Runway. She had tried not to think about the whole meaning of today, afraid...
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