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fanart starting from Lyrics of song "Bliss" kwa Vanessa Paradis
sanaa ya shabiki
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Hugh shook his head a little, sour-faced. He lifted his eyes up at him “She’s not answering Rob....”
He knew this would be a bad idea. He just knew it.
Robert encouraged him “Just....give it another couple of rings...." he said, drawing circles in the air with his hand "she might not have it around....”
He shook his head again, breathing out.
It was a bad idea.
It was bad ‘cause, once again, she wasn’t answering and it was bad 'cause it was making him feel like an plain idiot once more.
It was bad ‘cause he didn’t like the idea of playing such tricks on her. And it was bad ‘cause...
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Ok, be patient guys. I'll be getting my degree on Friday. I can't revise it all together. Takes me time. But here's another snippet. I know....I'm exhasperating for some of you, but I like to explain stuff and well, I have fun with some other characters just as much as with H&L. Take it as a transitory chapter....preparing the ground :) I'll post zaidi tonight alright? Just try to enjoy it, if wewe like it. Moving the story forward.... BTW they'll be shooting 3 am sharp. Now, it's 7.30 pm....does that make wewe feel better? How many chapters do wewe think I can write within 7 hours? No. Don't...
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And ta-dà! Even part 2 :P Just thought it would be nice for wewe taking a break between the two. Hope doesn't sound tiresome...boy I upendo Robert :P

Hugh wounded his stare down then and hugged the back of his chair. He passed his tongue over his lips, nodding a little “I....I wanted to talk to wewe about this...”
Robert strained his ear and stretched out over the table, making himself closer.
Hugh started to drum with his palm on the back of the chair, without looking at him in the eyes “There’s...there’s a good fifty per cent chance...”
He paused and coughed a little nervous laugh,...
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What's this? Two sasisho in one day? It's madness, I tell you, madness! Mwa hahahahahaha...

    Lisa’s eyes smarted as she got out of her car, the wind irritating them even further. Bypassing her trailer entirely, she went straight to wardrobe and changed back into the clothes Cuddy had been wearing at the end of Under My Skin, stalling for time. But suddenly, on her way back out, she stopped in her tracks and turned around slowly, looking at the rack of House’s clothes, all the hangers dated and labeled for easy access. The suit Hugh was slated to wear for the day’s...
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Happy Finale Day, everybody!

    Lisa looked up as the elevator doors opened and Hugh stepped in, leaning heavily on his cane, a bruise flowering on the left side of his face. Lisa waved the file in her hand in his direction as the doors closed and he leaned against the ukuta to her right.
    “I got the transfer papers. The plasmapheresis is all set up…” She turned her head and frowned at the discoloration running up his cheek toward his temple. “Are wewe ok?”
    As she reached up to touch the contusion Hugh grabbed at...
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thanks to cleyva90 from PB!
lisa edelstein
Hugh Laurie
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Thanks for the reviews! Susan is gay, although Hugh won't see much of that yet as he first has to suffer through this date...

‘You are going to tell me… right?’, Lisa asked as she showed the 3th dress at the 4th store they went too. ‘My honest opinion about this dress? Sure I am…’, Hugh alisema while giving her a full body scan with his eyes and then subconsciously licking his lips as Lisa turned around to onyesha the very low-cut back. ‘Well… that too, because you’re British, but I actually meant your tarehe tonight…’ ‘Oh, well of course I’ll tell you, that is if wewe won’t...
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My beloved sinners! It's coming!! I know a few of wewe couldn't wait for this so I made it extra long...
I can't wait to see your reaction...
But I'd recommend a box of tissues...
Oops.... (:C
Scroll down, it's time to burn in hell (:C

“Your name, please” Jo’s lawyer asked
“Lisa Edelstein” the one who was questioned answered
“And what is your relationship with Mr. Laurie?”
“We are co-stars and good friends. But that goes together either way.”
“Yes…And how good Marafiki exactly?”
“I don’t understand the question…”
“Are wewe just friends, Marafiki with benefits,...
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lisa edelstein
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Source: Lissie Pissie from LJ. I made it B&W.
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It was a Tuesday morning when Lisa drove up into the House studio parking. She saw that Hugh was just getting in as well. "Morning!" Lisa alisema getting out of her car. "Good morning!" Hugh alisema in that charming British accent. His voice was so comforting to here. "Ready for a long siku of shooting and re-shooting?" He asked as they walked across the parking lot. "I'm as ready as I'll ever be." She said. They walked into the studio, Hugh holding the 2 huge doors for Lisa along the way. "Morning, Lisa & Hugh." David pwani said. "We are going to start on the Huddy sex scene today so put a brave...
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