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I upendo THE mbwa mwitu JOHNNY DEPP!!!=)))))
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Johnny Depp
posted by deedragongirl
 What a twisted story to it!
What a twisted story to it!
Hi guys, a few weeks zamani I watched the movie version of the musical and I was impress with the movie. Despite some changes into it as I heard that the musical has a much zaidi darker and sinister approach in which I have long to see it!

The Songs

Stephen Sondheim once again mesmerize me, I have seen the movie version of Evening Primrose with Charmaine Carr and Anthony Perkins in it. It's lovely, the songs I upendo are Agony and Children Will Listen. The former is very witty and funny, the latter has some moral values in it and I really appreciate it!
One of the disappointments is that the baker...
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