I'm just doing this to be silly..I'm in my silliness mode today so I thought of some things that might piss them off.I do not mean any offensive to these Inuyasha characters,I upendo them myself.Enjoy!

Ways to make Inuyasha mad:
1)Pet his ears
2)Call him doggy!
3)Ask him why he likes Kikyo/Kagome
4)Try to make him "Sit!" and epically fail at it.
5)Shove ramen, mashua in his face 24/7(Ok that might not make him mad)
6) Mock Kagome
7)Try to trip him
8)Say his tetsusaiga is a piece of crap
9)Shout out "INUYASHA!" "KAGOME" a million times mocking the both of them.
10)Try to scare him kwa saying "I See you..." in the middle of the night

Ways to make Sesshomaru mad
1)Try to pet his mokomoko
2)When he passes kwa say,"HEY IT'S LORD SNUGGLES!"
3)Ask him out -_-
4) Ask him why he has Rin tagging alone with him
5)Dances for him(not a normal dance either)
6)Spin around mocking him about the time he spun around using his very poisonous nails.
7)Peek at him while he's bathing(I'm pretty sure wewe won't get far on that one)
8)Bow down and say,"Yes M'Lord" with sparkly stalker-ish eyes.
9)When he's sleeping try to snuggle inayofuata to him.
10)Ask him to take wewe on an romantic adventure forever and ever.

Ways to Make Kouga Mad
1)Grab his tail
2)Ask why can't he stop flirting with Kagome
3)Make fun of the mbwa mwitu demon tribe kwa dancing around in a mduara, duara and yelling native chants.
4)Laugh at him because he had to marry Ayame
5)Tell him he needs his fingernails cut..BADLY
6)Ask Ginta and Hakkau to steal his stuff at night.
7)Tackle him
8)Start making growl and howling sounds then run around.
9)Call him a mangy wolf
10)Hang on to him and won't let go

Ways to make Bankotsu Mad
1)Try to steal his Banyruu au shall I say his "BABY!"
2)Laughs everytime he walks by
3)Asks him why he hangs out with Jakotsu then try's to mimic Jakotsu's voice.
4)Switches Jakotsu's and Bankotsu's clothes while their bathing
5)Put a fake tattoo on your head then walk around saying "I'm Bankotsu!"
6)Runs circles around him
7)Make him watch Sesame mitaani, mtaa 50 times
8)Tell him killing is bad
9)Tell him he should have died and never came back then smack him upside the head.