Inuyasha new SessxOc fanfic!!!

R3dAng3l posted on Nov 01, 2010 at 03:44AM
I started a Fanfic a few months ago, a fan fic a continuation of the show Inuyasha, it all takes place After Inuyasha: The Final Act, It's what happens w/ Sesshoumaru (it happens to be a SessxOC(Hikari) fanfic) 11 years back in the Feudal Era, Inuyasha was still under Kikyo's spell, Sesshoumaru met a little girl that he ended up saving....not giving full details you have to read it. Anyways, I got great reviews from others (some through Notes) like wow it great, it has a great hook, and also one of my favs, "I've read so many SessxOC fanfics but this is the best one I've read ever" XD

here is where u can read it: link

and here are some pics where u can get a vision of what they look :link

Please let me know what u think of it, thank you n-n


Inuyasha No majibu