Invader Zim Irken & SIR Unit Data Bank

Aquarius18 posted on Dec 17, 2011 at 08:44PM
Post important info about your Irkens into the Control Brain's data bank!!!

Name: Mew
Gende: Female
Appearance: Aqua eyes, black Invader uniform, antennae have 4 curls.
Rank: Invader
Planet Assigned: Uranus, but crashed on Earth when her ship malfunctioned
Why assigned planet's important: A new unidentified material was discovered there by an Irken Probe (like Zim's probes in Battle of the Planets)
Disguise(s): Human- Dark blonde hair, blue eyes, butterfly t-shirt, jeans, boots.Holographic but doesn't cover antennae, so holes were poked in a black headband to make them appear fake.PAK as a backpack.
Uranian- Deep blue skin with silver human looking eyes, silver hair, her antennae still sitck out, a futeristic silver dress with silver tights with light silver stripes and light silver flats. PAK cloaks itself away.

SIR Unit: Hex
Appearance: One yellow eye and one aqua eye, and other than that yellow where Gir is blue.
Disguise: Earth- A yellow cat
Uranian- Same as normal appearance, just says she's not a SIR but a robot.

-Invader Mew-

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