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invader zim: enter the florpus
enter the florpus
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This drives me insane.
wewe know ZaTr and ZaGr and DaTr? All them? I hate it. So. Much. wewe know why? In the Invader Zim world romance will not ever exist. The "couples", except from Dib and Tak, who didn't mind each other, whereas Dib, Zim, Gaz and Tak hate each other. God, I've heard Dib and Zim romance. If there were any romance existing on Invader Zim it definitely wouldn't be Dib and Zim together. On Invader Zim many things happen. But not romance.
wewe know on the Bestest Friend episode when he tries to make a so-called friend? If he does not make friends, and only rides kwa himself as a loner, he definitely would not feel love.
that is all. kthxbai.
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Lately, a couple of people have been running around here yelling about how "gross" ZaDr (the Zim and Dib romance) is and blah, blah, blah. So I wanted to talk abou tmy position on some of these issues, even though the people who need to hear my message are probably not going to read my message, and if they do, I'm sure they will just saying something in response that makes no sense au is offensive. But here goes...

1) wewe are not required to like ZaDr.
~ I am 100% certain that there is no law requiring wewe to like ZaDr, au to visit the ZaDr club, au to look at and maoni on ZaDr images/videos/fanfics...
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Well, i was going to put up siku 3 of my Fanfic, but my computer got screwed au something. i had an entire half of the page done when my computer glitched and everything went away. i had a pretty good thing going, but i can't finish it this week. please understand i had the best intentions of making the inayofuata day.well, at least wewe can look at these pictures.(you may have already seen some)

here was what the lesson was today: "doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom...
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I hope wewe enjoy
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I made my way to the voot crusier with Tak. After we got through the house to the garage, we entered to find three SIR units demolishing our ship. Tak’s face got red. “Get out of here! That is an Irkan ship!” She shooed them away after they scanned her PAK to make sure that she was Irkan. “Dib, I-“ I stopped her. “Save it, Tak. I don’t want to talk about it.” I sat in the driver’s kiti, kiti cha and hung my head down and sighed. Only until now did I realize how much Gaz meant to me. She was my sister, after all, and to this day, twenty years later as I am telling wewe this, I still fight...
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I was on a uandishi streak. looks like a new part quickly! also, in the comments, answer this, would it be better to have a lot of short parts quickly, au longer parts that onyesha up farther apart? Hope wewe like the new part! finally, what every fanfiction needs, a upendo interest!

Oh, no. Tak was obviously here to take revenge on me and Zim for stopping her snack plan. She was going to kill me, take my lifeless body as bait for Zim, and then kill him, too. Then, she’d leave and let the Earth die away. I started sweating, and I closed my eyes. The window opened, and the arm pulled me closer to...
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