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sorry its abit crap!I did not make this!!!
Well first of all,you can easily break your ipod doing that.Then in an Youtube vid this guy alisema it was pretty fun swinging it about!My friend alisema his cousin had bought a black ipod touch and then he puted the strap on it and he started playing about with it and then he accidently let go and his ipod smashed.And my friend alisema his cousin was just like ''MY LIFE IS RUINED!!!!!!D':''

Then my best friend had got a ipod touch but she was getting it for xmas and she alisema her little sister found her ipod and opened it and putted the strap on it and she swung it with all her might and she threw it.And when my bestie found it she was crying her eyes out,her mum and dad alisema if she wanted another one then she wuld have to save up for it
thats all i have to say!! Baiii Peace out!
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