Chapter3 First date


It has been six days since i gave Seth my num.
Today is friday and it's six o'clock i'm finshed my chajio, chakula cha jioni and sitting on my kitanda drawing on a note pad.
Ever since last saturday i've been keeping my phone beside me waiting for Seth to call me but he hasn't.
The only ones calling me were classmates looking for homework.
it was probobally Seth's Marafiki slagging him so now he might not want to know me.I wish i could kill them but the most i would do is break my leg.All i can do is self defence.Plus these guys have six packs and could easily crush me.
Then my phone rings and i jump a little.I pick my phone up from beside me to see who it is and i don't reconise the number.It's probobally someone looking for homework and i grone.Why can't they leave me alone to sulk?
The ringing doesn't stop after two dakika so i answer it to get it over and done with.
"Hello"i say half heartidly.
"Hi Emma"a deep voice says.
"Seth?Is that you?"i ask.
"Yep.Why do other boys be calling you?"Seth ashs and i hear him lauging at the other side.
"Yeah very cute guys have been calling me all day"i say teasing back.
"Really"Seth says sounding jealous.
"No i wouldn't be that lucky.Actually all my luck most likely went into this call"i say with a shy.
"I wouldn't call it luck"Seth says.
"What destiny"i push.
"No something stronger"Seth says.
I'm glad we were talking through the phone becouse i feal my face get hotter.
"So i was kinda...calling to see if i could come over tomorrow"Seth asks.
I suddenly get nervous what if i mess up and he laughs at me?Or if i say something embaressing and he never speaks to me again?Then i remember Seth is still on the phone so i get my voice back.
"Sure that's okay.How about mid-day?"i ask.
"Yeah that's okay i'll see wewe tomorrow"Seth says.
"Okay bye"i say.
"Bye"Seth says and hangs up.
I then put my phone on my kitanda and run downstairs.
"Mam is it okay if Seth comes over to study tomorrow?"i ask when i get into the kitchen
"Yeah but promise to be good"mam says.
"Thank wewe i will"i say happily.

There is three bedrooms in the house and each bedroom has it's own bathroom so i have my own.
First i get dressed i decide to wear a pair of jeans,some uggs and a white snow mbwa mwitu t-shirt.Then brush my hair and brush my theeth.I go to my make-up box and put on some pink lip gloss and purple nail farnish and wait for five minutes.Then i quickly make my bed,tidy my room and stick a phrase on my wall.It's something i do when i hear au see something i like so i don't forget it.By the time i'm done it's twelve o'clock so i start to walk downstairs.Then to my delight the kengele rings and i run down the rest of the stairs.
"I've got it!"i say and open the door.
When i see what he is wearing i can't help but smile.He's wearing the sleaveless hoody,cut off jeans and his runners.The same outfit he wore the first time we met.
"Hi"i say smiling looking into his lovely brown eyes.
"Hi"Seth says smiling back.
Seth taks a step mbele and hugs me so i gladly hug him back and i'm nearly sure my moyo skipped a beat.I take a deep breath in and he smells just like the forest in a nice way.
"You'r on time"i say happily.
"I try my best"Seth says.
"Come in"i say takiny a step back so he can come in.
Seth walks in so i close the door and turn to face him.
"Follow me"i say and walk towards the kitchen.
When i walk into the jikoni Andy and Mam are sitting and doing a jigsaw.Andy looks up when he hears us walk in.
"Hi Seth"Andy says smiling and gets up.
Andy walks over to Seth and puts out his knuckle.Seth smiles and puts out his knuckle and gently presses his against Andy's then Andy sits down happily.Mam stands up and faces us.
"Mam this is Seth Clearwater.Seth this is my mother"i say gesturing.
"Nice to meet wewe miss Johnson"Seth say and shakes mams hand.
"Nice to meet wewe too"mam says and sits back down.
"Come on we better study"i say walking out of the jikoni and upstairs.
I open my bedroom door and sit on my kitanda pulling my knees up against me and putting my head on my knees.Seth walks in after me,closes the kitanda and then sits down beside me.
"I'm a horrible daughter"i moan into my knees.
"Why do wewe think that?"Seth asks.
"Becouse i'm lying to my mother"i say my head still on my knees.
"I can leave if wewe want"Setth says.
"No!"i nearly shout sounding a bit too desbreat.
I quickly peek up from my knees and see Seth smiling a little
"I just mean i wish i could do what i want without keeping it from mam"i say frustrated.
"Well if we become zaidi than Marafiki maybe wewe could try to tell her kwa drop hints"Seth suggests.
"Okay"i say smiling.
"I brought a book like wewe said"Seth says and puts the book on my bed.
"I forgot about that"i say honestly.
"Well i didn't becouse the last thing i want to do is to get,a girl in trouble on our first date"Seth says smiling.
"Thanks.Hey you've got a tatoo"i say admiring the strainge tatoo on the juu of his right arm.
"Yeah" Seth says smiling.
"When did wewe get it?"i asks studing the tatoo.
"I got it when i was fivteen"Seth replies.
"You'r lucky this is the closist i'll get to one"i say and onyesha Seth the pictuir of the mbwa mwitu i drew on my ankel.
"You'r good at drawing"Seth says looking at my ankel.
"Thanks.Can i draw you'r tatoo?"i ask.
"Yeah sure"Seth says.
I end up drawing Seth's tatoo and stick it on my wall.I tell Seth that i have no camra but i prefer drawing picha instead.Then i ask Seth what his tatoo means and he tells me it's a long story and he will tell me what it means later,which makes me even zaidi curious.
We talk for an saa then i remember something.
"Seth who was that girl who was hanging out with wewe and you'r friends?"i ask worried.
"Oh that's my sister Leah"Seth says smiling.
"Kids chajio, chakula cha jioni is done!"mam shouts from down stairs.
"Ow am i having chajio, chakula cha jioni here?"Seth asks.
"Yeah why not"i say standing up.
"Great"Seth says happily and stands up.
We both stand up,walk down staires and take our seats.Mam made pasta, tambi bake and a lot of it she picks up each plate and fills them.When she gets to Seth's plate she piles the chakula up and my eyes nearly pop out.
"Thank wewe Mrs Johnson"Seth says and takes his plate.
Seth eats ever last bit of his chakula before any of us are finsh.Five dakika later we all finsh our chajio, chakula cha jioni and mam puts the dishes at the sink.
"I better go"Seth says and stands up.
"Okay"i say and stand up.
We both walk to the front door and i open it for him.
"Thanks for the good time"Seth says and gives me a hug.
"Yuo'r welcome.Will wewe come back tommorrow?"i ask.
"Okay if wewe want"Seth says.
"Bye"i say.
"Bye"Seth says and leaves.
I close the door and go up to my room.When i get up there i close the door,lay belly down on my kitanda and leave out a happy shy.

The inayofuata four days Seth comes over . I would do my homework and Seth would lay on my kitanda waiting.
Sometimes i would get stuck but be too embarresed to ask Seth for help.Seth guessed a few times though and would come over to help me.
All week my hopes of me and Seth becoming zaidi than Marafiki started to fade.Every time he would come over we would do the same thing and he never would make a movie.Right now i am getting impatient.I read in a mag that if wewe make a guy jelous he will come running back to you.Today is friday and i will make a songesha on my friend Devon.Renesme will probally tell him and hopefully it wil work.I know i alisema i had no Marafiki but Devon is zaidi like a brother to me.Well when we first became Marafiki i had a crush on him but now we are just friends.His native american like Seth but his eyes are blue.I hope he doesn't get the wrong idea.
Last class before our big break is english so i go and sit beside Devon.I give him a smile and sit beside him.
"Hi"i say to Devon.
"Hi how are wewe ?"Devon asks.
"I'm"i say smiling back.
"Good"Devon replys.
I take a deep breath and think of what i could do then it clicks.
"Hey Devon i just thought of a way your hair would look really nice"i say.
"Really"Devon says raising an eye brow with a big smile.
I start to feel guilty but it is too late so i don't stop flirting i just continue.
"Um hm"i say trying to be flirty.
I start to run my fingers through his hair spiking it up and then an image flies into my mind.The classroom is empty,my back is against one of the classroom walls and Devon is kissing me.I don't seem to be in a strugle to get away i seem to like it.Then within secounds the image is gone.I take a deep breath of relife when i realise it is not real.
Devon is still smiling at me so i smile back then the teacher walks in and i quikly put my hand on my desk.
Miss starts calling out notes for us but instead i take this time to think.
I would never think of Devon like that he is like my brother.I know Devon liked me ever since we became Marafiki but i know they were not his thoughts becouse that is impssible.You can't read minds it is just made up.My imagination just ran away with me good thing miss came in au that could have happened.
At the end of class the kengele rings so i collect up my vitabu and walk outside with Renesme.We walk outside to a bench but Renesme stops me from sitting down.
"Can we have lunch somewhere else i would like to talk to you?"Renesme asks.
"Yeah sure"i say smiling.
We walk up to the empty pitch and i put my bag down.
"What was that all about?"Renesme asks not looking happy.
"What"i ask pretending not to know.
"You flirting with Devon"she says calmly.
"So?"i ask.
"So you'r dating Seth not Devon"she says.
"I wouldn't call it dating he doesn't even like me that way"i say getting upset.
"How do wewe know?Did he tell you?"Renesme says.
"No i just know.We've been dating for a week and he still hasn't made one move.There is another girl i know it!"i shout at her and tears running down my face.
I grab my school bag and run into the girls bathrooms and start crying.A few dakika later Renesme walks in and puts her bag on the floor.
"I'm sorry Emma"she says and puts her arms out for a hug.
"It's okay.I just over reacted"i say through my tears and give her a hug.

"Hi mam!"i say closing the front door when i get home.
"Hi honey"my mam calls out.
I run up the stairs and go to my room and close the door.I go over to my meza, jedwali and lay out my vitabu then i start.When i'm on my secound last subject i hear a knock on my bedroom door.
"Come in"i say.
"Hi "Seth says closing the door and sitting on my bed.
"Hi.How are you"i ask still writing.
"Good do want help with anything?"he asks.
"If wewe want wewe can find the page for me"i say turning in my kiti, kiti cha to hand Seth the Romeo and Juliet book.
Seth reaches mbele and takes the book and as he does his fingers brush mine and my moyo starts to race.He gives me a small smile and then sit on the kitanda again.I turn back to my meza, jedwali and start uandishi again.As i do i take deep breaths to slow my moyo beath so i won't blush.It takes me about ten dakika for me to finsh my trig and when i'm done i put all my stuff in my bag and close it.I stand up,put my bag under my meza, jedwali and then sit beside Seth.
"Do wewe want me to help wewe practice?"Seth asks holding the page open.
"Okay"i say and quickly look at what page we are doing.
I blush when i notice what page it is.It's the scene when Romeo and Juliet first meet.Seth clears his throuth
and begins to read.
"O then dear saint lrt lips do what hands do:
They pray grant thou,lest faith turn to despair.".
I take a deep breath and start to read.
"Saints do not songesha though grant for prayers' sake"i look at Seth and watch him as he reads his line.
"Then songesha not while my prayer's effect i take
Thus from my lips,by thine,my sin is purged"Seth fineshes.
He looks up and looks into my eyes and i stare into his big brown eyes.He leans a little closer towards me until his nose is touching mine then a sekunde later his warm,soft lips are pressed against mine and he kisses mine.He pulls his lips a tiny bit back and looks at me so i give a little smile.Then his lips are on mine agiain but this time his kisses are less apart this time..My moyo starts to race and then i am filled with disappointment when i hear a knock on my door.
Seth pulls back and opens the book like nothing happened.
"Can i come in"my mother says from the other side of the door.
"Yes"i say with a sigh.
Mam opens the door and comes in with a tray.On the tray is two glasses of maziwa and some biscutes.She walks over to my side meza, jedwali and puts the tray down.
"I thought wewe two might want a snack"mam says.
"Thank you"i say.
"You'r welcome"mam majibu and leaves my room.
Me and Seth talk for about two hours before he leaves and when he does i take out my phone and call Renesme.
"Hello"Renesme says when she majibu the phone.
"Hi"i say happily.
"What are wewe so happy about?"Renesme asks.
"Seth kissed me"I say tring not to scream.
"Omg.I am so happy for you"Renesme says happily through the phone.
"I can't belive it Renesme wewe were right"i say excited.
"Hey nessie"i hear in the background.
"Emma i have to go Jake is here"Renesme says.
"Okay bye nessie"i say coping Jake.
"Bye"she says and hangs up.
I put my phone in my draw,get ready for kitanda and go to sleep.