Chapter 4:Sparks fly.

When we collide sparks fly.

Today is sunday i wake up at ten.I decide to wear a pair of jeans and a DV t-shirt and a pair of convers.I take my phone out of my drawer and put it in my pocket. As i go into the jikoni my phone buzzes so i take it out and look at it.
"Good morning honey"mam says.
"Morning" i say smiling and sit down.
I pour out a bowl of ceral and read my meassage as i eat.
It is from Ness she wants to know if i want to come over.
"Mam can i use the car so i can go to Renesme's house?"I ask.
"Yeah just be nyumbani for dinner"Mam says.
Straight away when i'm done my breakfast i get into the car and drive to Ness' house
When i get there i get out of the car and i go to the front door and knock.Carlile majibu the door with a welcoming smile.
"Hi emma,Renesme was expecting you.She is in the living area"Carlile says and leaves me in.
"Thank you"i say smiling and walk into the sitting room.
"Hi Ness"i say and she stands up and smiles.
"Hi Emma"She says as i walk over to her.
We give each other a hug and sit beside one another on the sofa.
"So how did it happen?"Ness asks.
"Do wewe know the way i hate Remeo and Juliet becouse i get nervous when we act it out in school?"i ask.
"Yes"Ness says.
"Well he told me he would help me pratice and half way through he kissed me"I say happily.
"Really that easy"Nessie says smiling.
"Yep"i say.
"You were right all this time"i say.
"Well i've know Seth all my live so i knew he liked you"Ness says.
"You were right.It's just no boy has ever liking me before.So i thought he didn't"i say honestly.
I then hear laughter coming from outside and it is coming closer to the house.
"Speaking of the Devil"Nessie says.
She stands up and walks to the living room entrance and i stand beside her.
Two young boys in their early twenties walk in and Seth follows them in and closes the front door.The other boys are taller than Seth kwa a few inches.
The tallest one goes over to Ness and gives her a quick kiss and then holds her hand.Then the other boy goes into the kitchen.
"Emma this is Jacobe Black my boyfriend.Jake this is Emma"Ness says.
"Nice to meet you"Jacobe says pollitlyand shake my hand and my hand looks small in his.
"Hi"i say shyly.
The other boy comes back to jiunge us eating a chicken wing.
"Jared this is Emma"Seth says to the othe other boy.
"So this is your girlfriend.I thought wewe made her up"He says smiling and shakes my hand.
Seth's cheeks go pink,he smiles and looks at the groundfor a secound and looks up again smiling.I smile back and look in to his eyes.
Ness clears her throut and i look at her.
"Jake me and Emma will be at the cottage okay"she says.
"Okay" he says and kisses the juu of her head.
"Bye"she says and walks towards the front door.
"Bye lads"I say and give Seth a quick kiss on the cheek.
Then i follow Ness outside and through the woods to a cottage and it reminds me of my old nyumbani in ireland.
I follow her in and she brings me to her room.
Her room is big.In the middle of the room is a double kitanda with pillows along two sides of the bed.There is a tv in front of the kitanda and is nice and bright.
"Ness i upendo your bed"i say and sit on it.
"Thank you"Ness says and sits beside me.
"Ness can wewe do me a favor"i ask.
"Yeah sure"she says.
"Will wewe keep it a secret that me and Seth are going out from my mom"i say.
"Why.She doesn't know does she?"Ness asks.
"No"i say feeling bad.
"Why?"Ness asks.
"Something happened a few years zamani and now she is very protective"I explain.
"My parents are always like that"Ness says.
Two hours go kwa and we talk about boys,school and about other things.My phone rings and i ans it when i hang up i put it in my pocket.
"Was that your mom?"Ness asks.
"Yep i have to go home"i say and stand up.
Ness stands up too and gives me a hug.
"Bye"Ness says.
"Bye"i say walking out the door.