CHAPTER 5:Did i say something.

Three weeks zamani i got my first kiss from Seth but we have been dating for a mwezi now.My friend Devon doesn't know yet but i will have to tell him sometime.Today is friday and school has just ended for the weekend.
I neatly put my vitabu in my bag and walk outside to wait for my mother to come get me.
"Hey Emma"i hear a voice say from behind me.
I look behind me and see Devon walking up to me smiling.
"Hi"i say back.
"Can i ask wewe something?"Devon asks standing beside me now.
"What happened that you'r so happy lately?"he asks.
"Nothing"I lie and he knows.
"Come on wewe can tell me"Devon says.
"Okay but wewe can't tell my mom promise"I say.
"Promise"he says.
"You know the guy i like from LA Push?"i ask.
"Yeah why?"Devon asks.
"His name is Seth Clearwater,he is a mwaka older than me and he is native american like you"I say.
"Okay but that doesn't explain why wewe are so happy"Devon says getting impatient.
"Well i have been dating him for a mwezi now"I say nearly in a whisper.
"So what is he your boyfriend?"he says a little louder than talking.
"You could say that"I say looking at the ground.
When i look at the ground i see Devon's hands shaking.
"I have to go home"Devon says sounding angry.
Devon sarts to walk off quickly towards his mothers car.
"Bye"i say.
Devon doesn't say anything he just gets in his mother's car and they drive off.
Right now i feel like crying but i don't.What did i say to make him angry?Then i see my mother pull up so i walk over and get in the car.
"Whats wrong honey?"my mom asks driving away.
"Just had a silly fight with Devon"i say.
"Okay"mam says not saying anymore.
I respect her for that becouse i don't feel like talking about it.
After chajio, chakula cha jioni i run up to my room,lay on my kitanda and start to cry.Then i hear a knock on my bedroom door.I quickly sit up,take a little deep breath and wipe my eyes.
"Come in"I say and stand up.
Seth opens the door and comes in.He walks over to me and gives me a quck kiss.
"Hi "i say.
"Hi.What's wrong"Seth asks.
"I'll tell wewe another time"i say.
"Okay i can't stay today but i will come tomorrow my Marafiki need me for something"Seth says.
"That's fine"I say.
"Bye"he says and gives me another quick kiss.
"O wait i have to give wewe something"i say and walk over to my desk.
I pick uo a piece of paperand give it to Seth.
"Don't read till tour gone"i tell him.
"Okay bye"he says and leaves.
I decide to watch tv but nothing is on so i watch "teen wolf"..
At nine pm i hear a tap on my bedroom window so i get up to see what it is.I open the window to look out and i see Seth looking up at me.I wave down at him and smile,he smiles back and waves.
"One minute"i say a little louder than a whisper.
Seth nods suggesting that he heard it.
I quickly go over to my wardrobe and get a rope ladder out and turn around to go over to the window.I drop the ladder in shock when i see Seth standing beside my desk.
"How'd wewe do that?"i ask surprised.
"Fast reflexes.Why do wewe have a rope ladder?"He asks.
"No reason"I say putting the lader away.
I turn around and Seth is standing behind me.
"Hi"i say randomly.
"Hi"Seth says lauging.
He dips his head down and kisses me for about three secounds.
"So what was it that was upsetting wewe earlier?"Seth asks.
I walk over to my kitanda and sit down and Seth sits beside me.
"You know my friend Devon?"i ask.
"Not personally but yeah"Seth says.
"Well we just had a small fight it was nothing"i say.
"What happened i could tell wewe were crying"Seth says.
"Devon suspected something was going on with me so i told him we were dating.I don't know why but he got angry,his hands were shaking.He never got that angry like that before and when he went nyumbani he just ignored me"i say frustrated.
Seth doesn't say anything he just sits there thinking.
"He'll never speak to me again"i say puting my hands over my face.
"I bet everything will be back to normal"Seth says hugging me.
He kisses my hair and we just sit there for a few minute.
"Do wewe have any relatives your close to?"i ask a few dakika later.
"My cousin Emily and i are close.Sam is another of my Marafiki he is married to Emily"Seth say
"Did wewe know him before he met Emily?"i ask.
"Yeah a good few years but it was complicated"Seth says.
"Do wewe have any siblings besides Leah?"
"No just a sister"
Me and Seth lay on my kitanda on our sides there isn't much room since it's a single kitanda so Seth hugs me so i won't fall.We stay like this for a good while and i start to yawn.
"I better go it's mid-night"Seth says.
"Can wewe stay just a little longer just five minutes"i say and take Seth's hand that's around my waist.
"Okay but then i have to leave"he says.
"Okay"i agree.
I yawn again and my eye lids slowly begin to close.