We go into the jikoni and sit facing each other.As we do i hear Seth leave.
"So what was that all about?"my mam asks knowing exactly what it is all about.
"Mam i'm sorry i should have told you.I was just scared wewe would think he was like Mike but his not.I though wewe wouldn't leave me see him any"i honestly say.
"You really like sweety don't you?"
I don't answer i just look at the meza, jedwali and blush.
"He must really like wewe since he told wewe he loved you.I never once heard Mike say that to you"
"I'm sorry mam"
"I know wewe are i used to be like you.Now go to kitanda it is getting late"she says and kisses my head.
I get ready for kitanda and go straight to bed.I lay in kitanda woundering if Seth will come but he doesn't.He probably doesn't want to get me in any zaidi trouble.After a few dakika i fall fast asleep.
The inayofuata evening after school Devon comes over to my and we go up to my room.We drop our bags on the ground and we sit on my bed.
"Devon can i tell wewe something and promise wewe won't laugh".
"Sure"he cheerfully says.
I turn to face him and he is lying on my kitanda smiling at me.I take deep breaths and nervously begin to speak.
"Devon i know about your secret becouse Seth told me his secret and wewe both are the same."his face turns serious"Your a warewolf and i am fine about that"i finish.
"Your not scared?"he asks.
"I nearly died this does not scare me at all"
"True"he says.
I lay down on my kitanda and Devon hugs me.It is not how Seth does.it is friendly zaidi than romantic but nice.
"Seth was woundering if wewe would like to jiunge their pack"
"I'll think about it"
"k"i say.

The inayofuata siku i have great fun making jokes about Devon being a dog.He gets amusement out of it and goes along with it.When i get nyumbani i have my chajio, chakula cha jioni and then do my homework.It is half five when i am done my homework.i go downstairs and watch tv.At six i hear someone outside.I look outside and see Seth in his car waiting for me.I go to leave but then i remember to ask my mam.
I go into the jikoni and find my mam sitting at the jikoni meza, jedwali reading.
"Mam am i allowed to o with Seth?"i ask.
"You can if wewe promise not to keep secrets from me anymore"
"I promise"i say runing outside.
Seth is standing in front of his car smiling when he seeas me coming out.I run into his arms giving him a hug.I look up at him and smile.He gives me a kiss and smiles back.
"Sorry for getting wewe in trouble"he says sincerly.
I step back holding his two hands and look him in the face.
"It's fine and mam would have finding out anyway".
"True but i should have let wewe tell her yourself.So i got wewe a i'm sorry present"he says and puts his hand in his pocket.
"You shouldn't have it is no big deal"i insist.
"You deserve it"he says handing me a little yellow box with a pink bow on it.
I carefully take the box in my hands.I take off the lid and push back the pink paper inside.I smile happily as i take out the necklace.It is a chane with a upendo moyo on it.The front of the moyo is rounded and red.The back is flat and silver it looks plain but i notice writting on it.
I turn the mkufu around to see what it says.I get a big smile when i see what it says.The print says"I upendo U"on the back of it.
"Thank wewe so much it's beutiful"i say.
"Will i put it on for you?"
"Yes please"i say handing him the necklace.
He carefully closes it around my neck then wrapes his arms around my waste and kisses my neck.I feel my moyo race and the shy side of me comes out.He then gently takes my hand and turns me to face him.Some of my hair falls over my eyes so Seth tucks it behind my ear.
"We better be going"he says letting go of my hand.
We both get into the car and we go to "The cullens house"as everyone calls it.We spend two hours there messing and having fun with everybody.Seth then brings me nyumbani on time.