Jaden Smith Dressing like a woman is AGAINST GOD who created wewe fully a MAN!!!

mvannall posted on Jan 04, 2016 at 05:24PM
I was friends with your dad's late aunt. She was a born again spirit filled christian who had an awesome relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. I understand that Hollywood through movies and media teaches transgender immoral concepts and principles. But, I boldly stand that this is against God. When we die, and we will one day. We will face Him. When you impact millions of people, your accountability is greater. Money can give you anything almost in life accept life and peace. You will never have peace of mind outside the will of God for your life. All the positve and negative energy talk does not explain what is in Hebrews the first chapter that tells we are sustained by energy which is light or God's presence that holds all things together by the power of who He is. I admonish you in truth and mercy. Do not continue modeling clothes that send the message to men that it is ok to dress like a woman. It isn't. Christ is real. I pray you seek to know Him and open your heart not your mind concerning this.

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