James Bond What is your inayopendelewa James Bond theme song? Add please.

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&# 34; Another Way To Die&# 34;- Alicia Keys and Jack White...
"Another Way To Die"- Alicia Keys and Jack White (Quantum of Solace)
&# 34; wewe Know My Name&# 34;- Chris Cornell (Casino Royale)
"You Know My Name"-Chris Cornell (Casino Royale)
&# 34; GoldenEye&# 34;- Tina Turner (GoldenEye)
"GoldenEye"-Tina Turner (GoldenEye)
&# 34; Live and Let Die&# 34;- Paul McCartney (Live and Let...
"Live and Let Die"-Paul McCartney (Live and Let Die)
&# 34; James Bond Theme&# 34;- Written kwa Monty Norman...
"James Bond Theme"-Written kwa Monty Norman (Dr.No/From Russia With Love)
Added by Bond_Of_Fury
wewe Only Live Twice kwa Nancy Sinatra
wewe Only Live Twice kwa Nancy Sinatra
Added by fanficwriter
For Your Eyes Only - Sheena Easton
Added by Kangelane
The World Is Not Enough - Garbage
Added by Jamie37
The Man With The Golden Gun - Lulu
The Man With The Golden Gun - Lulu
Added by abbasfan
Nobody Does It Better - Carly Simon (The Spy Who Loved Me)
Added by smallville93
License to Kill - Gladys Knight
License to Kill - Gladys Knight
Added by hornean
&# 34; A View to a Kill&# 34; kwa Duran Duran
"A View to a Kill" kwa Duran Duran
Added by jamezarvee
Octopussy Rita Coolidge "All Time High"
Added by glcorr
Skyfall - Adele
Added by soccerguy
Thunderball - Tom Jones
Thunderball - Tom Jones
Added by Mickey_Jay
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