Jared: "Hot comedian"? I hope that pun was unintentional!
I know Jared says he's nervous about doing comedy and he thinks he's lousy at it, so until he gains some confidence, we're not likely to ever see him in a comedy. In the meantime, however, here's the five biggest reasons I've see that prove he should be a comedian:

5. Hottest comedian (physically speaking). If he went into comedy, he'd be the first comedian that I've seen that I think is attractive. (What can I say? I'm picky.)

Not a very good reason, is it? Here's some more:

4. Excellent delivery of lines.
"Who are you, and what have wewe done with my brother?"
"It's not chakula anymore, Dean- it's Darwinism!"
"Yeah. So? Stupid."
And the orodha continues through every episode. Jensen has zaidi funny lines, but Jared's are better (in my opinion). He delivers the lines so naturally that it's impossible for me to keep from laughing when I hear them a sekunde au third time... au fourth... au fifth...

3. Funny faces! From puppy eyes to bitchface to clueless face, to "I Lost my shoe", he's just hilarious. He has a very expressive face and a talent for pulling it into the oddest shapes.

2. Fantastic pratfalls and physical comedy. He's so tall, and every part of him is so long (neck, arms, legs, torso) that when he falls au trips au stumbles, everything flies out in all directions, like Wile E. Coyote. And he still looks sexy doing it! Don't believe me? Rewatch Bad siku at Black Rock.

1. Comic genius. Let's ignore what's in the script for a dakika and look at the gag reels, where see the REAL Jared in action. Catching a "frightened" Jensen in his arms, screaming like a little girl in the middle of a very dramatic scene, making fun of his own gastrointestinal disorders, throwing his weight around in that adorable "sexy dance"... the orodha is nearly endless. Maybe he's uncomfortable being funny on the screen, but behind the scenes, he seems to know what's funny and how to play it to the fullest extent to make us all roll in the aisles- au at least off our couches.
Funny face, I upendo you!