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posted by taylor_love
 Jenny Season3
Jenny Season3
"Nate is just a friend and Chuck is harmless unless this place runs out of ice."

"I don't need a guy to make me feel fulfilled, especially when he's unavailable."

"I'm a Humphrey, so syrup is a chakula group."

"I'm a virgin. I just wanted wewe to know, in case ... I just wanted wewe to know."

"Okay, I don't know what Dan said, but why would wewe take romantic advice from a guy who has a Cabbage Patch doll?"

"You've come to my rescue enough times, let me help wewe for once."

"Don't worry, Dad. I'm over Upper East Side guys. I'm looking to expand my horizons."

"There is no zaidi hierarchy. The steps of the MET will no longer be restricted to a certain crowd. No zaidi Nairtinis, no zaidi headbands ... This is a new era! Let freedom reign!"
 Jenny Season3
Jenny Season3
posted by edwestwick
1. Summer, Kind Of Wonderful

Jenny: Look, I know I acted like a complete and total raging bitch, kahaba last year, but what wewe don't know is how bad I felt about it all summer. wewe were the only person who was Marafiki with me for me and I hurt wewe the worst.

Jenny: I was hoping I could onyesha wewe something I've been working on.

Jenny: As nice as it is that you're encouraging me to get my designs out there, the White Party's like, super-exclusive. I mean summer interns do not get to go. Last mwaka they even turned away Jack Johnson.

Eric: If it's apology-time you're about three months too late. And let me...
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posted by edwestwick
1. Pilot

Jenny: So we should just be anonymous losers who eat lunch alone and never get invited to parties?
Dan: Works for me.

Jenny: Too bad it's zaidi than our rent. But I think I can saw something like it.

Jenny: Come on, Dan, Serena alisema hi to wewe at a ninth grade birthday party and you've never forgotten it.

Jenny: Dad, wewe could just tell me I look nice, instead of turning this into a sermon on the passage of time.

2. The Wild Brunch

Jenny: wewe know, Dan, if wewe had brain damage wewe wouldn't even know wewe had brain damage.

Dan: She probably thinks I hate her now. I've waited my entire adolescent...
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