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20andbroke posted on Aug 24, 2008 at 03:15AM
Jeremy Irons the most underrated actor. I first saw him on PBS Brideshead revisited and now that this has been remade, I am certain the new version will pale in comparison. As Jeremy gets older the roles get thinner and pale compared to Swann, Dead Ringers, Carpenter, etc. I think someone should tell Sir Irons (yes, I have mentally knighted him) that he should do a bio movie of Boris Karloff, another great underrated actor who Sir Irons resembles in movement, speech and expression. It would be the role of his lifetime.....anyone agree????

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita askarsfan said…
I agree jeremy irons is highly underrated and that is a shame because he is very talented. love his unique voice. I thought he was good in the original brideshead revisited. I saw the remake and it was good too. I matthew good eve resembles a young jeremy irons and sounds a little like him as well. I wish more people appreciated him.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita scarandtlkfan said…
He is definitely underrated! I can think of at least 3 roles of his that could have been nominations for an Oscar besides Reversal of Fortune: Dead Ringers, M. Butterfly, and Lolita! Georgia O'Keeffe and Last Call are worthy too, but they were made for TV. It's a shame that he is mostly only known for Scar and Simon Gruber. They were great roles! I love them both, but he should be known for more than that! Hopefully, the Borgias will change that!