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mashabiki wanachagua: With Dean martin
mashabiki wanachagua: nice
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JennyLee13 alisema …
does anyone know how i can find his old artwork ilitumwa miezi 9 iliyopita
nath833 alisema …
His talent, his humor, his jokes and his charm will terribly miss us.
In spite of all the trials that he knew, undergone and overcome, Mr. Lewis arrived at a good age.
Jerry Lewis will remain forever this wonderful artist who made us laugh as soon as he appeared on the screen. He had a comic potential that will never be unmatched.
Jerry forever in our hearts and memories. ilitumwa miezi 9 iliyopita
MJ_Fan_4Life007 alisema …
rip jerry ilitumwa miezi 10 iliyopita