I upendo Justin!< 3
Justin Bieber is a Cute, Down-To-Earth, Talented, Sweet, Nice guy! Actually he is much zaidi than just that. He's a 16 mwaka old singer from Canada who needs all the upendo he can get because of his parents divorce when he was 2, and since he was crying about their divorce in Cinncinnati, Ohio back in June part of his My World tour. Now a days, he's getting a lot of hate against him; saying he sings like a 5 mwaka old girl, needs a haircut and a lot of other mean things that he's been getting. That is not true! Justin Bieber is Amazing and Super talented! He doesn't deserve all this hate your bringing on him! The only reason your saying all this mean and haterade on him is because your jealous of his success. That is so rude and just plain wrong! He really doesn't deserve all this hate once again! Please stop hating on Justin Bieber! He's so Down-To-Earth and Amazing! Because of his parents and his emotional moment in Ohio, he needs all the upendo he can get. His mashabiki care so much about him that they throw themselves at him to get his attention. We Beliebers and Bieber Fever victims, lets all support Justin Bieber everday! Stop the hate! Be a LOVER not a HATER!!! As his fans, lets do Justin a favor and support him everday!!!;)

Justin Bieber I hope wewe read this!!!;)

I upendo wewe with all my heart!!! I support wewe everday!!!;)

When U Smile , I Smile!!!
When UR Happy , I'm Happy!!!
You're My inayopendelewa Song!!!
You're My Inspiration!!!
I upendo Justin Bieber!< 3