Johnny Depp Johnny Depp Word Scramble Game :)

xXxJDloverxXx posted on Dec 13, 2010 at 01:58PM
I was watching a show where they do this with normal words but this one can have a JD theme ;)
It's simple really:
Someone thinks or a word related to Johnny like "Talented" but they have to rearrange the letters, so that it would look something like "ltednate", so that the next user can try go guess what the word is and then they'll write a word for the next person ect. :)

user1: 'corat'

user2: 'actor' next word: 'nufny'

user3: 'funny' next word:.....


* Try not to repeat words.
* No offensive/swear words.
* Words no shorter than 4 letters (or it will be too easy C:)

**If someone is to get a word wrong, the next person can correct that word along with their answer for the previous person**

*You can use his character names:
-eg. Jack Sparrow.

*You can use his movie titles:
-eg. Finding Neverland.

*You can use names from his friends and family:
- eg. Tim Burton/Lily-Rose.

*You can use basic information about him:
- eg. fave food, hobbies.

* You can use names of people he's worked with:
- eg. Christina Ricci.

* You are allowed to give ONE clue for your answer:
- eg. " was filmed in 2001"

Have fun! :D
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