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Article by lizzybennett posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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JGL + GTL = Hilarious and Thought-provoking movie
fanpop had the opportunity to interview Joseph Gordon-Levitt a few weeks zamani on his directorial debut Don Jon, out this Friday. He talked about being a first-time director, East Coast culture, and of course, porn. Okay, we didn’t really talk about porn—you wish.

Don Jon is about New Jersey boy Jon Martello, Jr., whose objectification of women not only applies to his weekly conquests but also his addiction to pornography. This obviously creates problems with his new girlfriend, Barbara (Scarlett Johansson).

Upon entering the conference room in the San Francisco Ritz-Carlton, Gordon-Levitt was standing at the door and greeted each of us with firm handshakes and “hello.” There were many crinkles around his eyes, probably from years of flashing that disarming smile on screen. He was wearing a fitted sleeve kwa muda mrefu, kola muda mrefu checkered button-down shirt, dark skinny jeans, black leather shoes, and colorful funky socks. I saw the socks because I sat down right inayofuata him. His hair still seemed like it was growing out a little from Don Jon (Jon had the late 90s throwback hairstyle of hair on juu of the scalp, shaved on the bottom), as it was longer on juu and short...