"As we begin on the episode, a man in an mizeituni, mzeituni green suit is seen running down an alleyway from Supergirl (still keeping her classic short sleeved shati look), who is right above him and when she catches up to him, he attempts to forcibly open a door only for the handle on the outside to be jammed and is soon melted kwa Supergirl's heat vision. With no other options left, the man decides to admit he never gave away any information to anyone. Supergirl having had been satisfied kwa the man's answer, decides to spare him only to go back on her deal a sekunde later as he screams in fear. The whole thing was eventually was revealed to be a dream as Supergirl wakes up from the dream and notices some spots where she burned the ceiling with her heat vision. After the intro, she decides to turn to Jo'nn, who admits he himself has never had dreams quite like the ones Supergirl experienced. swali and Green Arrow decide to get some majibu and their first stop is a juu secret facility base where as usual, a few helicopters swarm overhead and at one point a robot resembling Zeta's earlier ubunifu from his first appearance in Batman Beyond attacks the duo and is quickly made short work of kwa Kara who disables the robot's head from its body. They decide to get some majibu from Emil Hamilton, who says any DNA sent to nyota Labs is disposed of soon after. The three leave. They then go to a log cabin, kibanda and let themselves in after nobody answers. Supergirl then hears a familiar voice and a meza, jedwali side lamp is turned on, revealing himself to be General Hardcastle. He is anything but happy to see Supergirl and is forced to defend himself against her intrusion. Green Arrow, not wanting to let that happen, kwa telling him if he used that on him, Hardcastle would have one very angry Supergirl to deal with. Realizing he's right, Hardcastle decides to spare Supergirl, leaving swali with the perfect opportunity to forcefully take the kryptonite weapon out of his hands. Hardcastle decides to talk. Sometime after the three leave, a mysterious figure arrives and Hardcastle, believing it to be Supergirl tells her he already told her everything he knows. He takes one look at her and realizes she's not Supergirl. Once he pieces together she's Galatea, he runs to hide from her. Unfortunately, running does him no good and Galatea closes in on him. At the watchtower, Supergirl wakes up from her traumatizing dream. Knowing that Galatea will target her next, she decides to take the inayofuata course of action to make sure that doesn't happen. Green Arrow and swali decide to go with her for backup. Green Arrow decides to try and fight Galatea, unfortunately his arrows have no effect on her and she quickly takes him out with a single punch. Supergirl tries her luck and forgets Galatea is powerful than her and is quickly defeated. Refusing to admit defeat, Supergirl decides to keep at it until Galatea can no longer keep going and eventually rendered unable to fight back even going so far as to remove a building from its foundation. Eventually her plan to tire Galatea out works and a large crack in the pavement opens up and white light pours out. Supergirl decides to go and save her but Green Arrow restrains her from running out to save Galatea. Supergirl decides his decision to keep from saving Galatea was a good one and decides to watch. As the last few dakika of the episode draw to a close, Emil Hamilton tells Galatea she's in good hands and nyota Labs will do everything they can to monitor her treatment until she can leave again. The episode ends as the end credits roll.