Justin bieber purpose album
Cutiepie/SelenaGomez the dancer Just uploaded a new dance video to Justin bieber song Been wewe / we are off his purpose album

And wewe should go check out Cutiepie/SelenaGomez her video are so awesome her dance video to Justin bieber its great

Justin Bieber Been wewe is an exclusive bonus track from the deluxe edition of the album "Purpose". Co-written kwa Jason Boyd, Josh Abraham, Brandon Green, Oliver Goldstein and Saul Alexander Castillo Vasquez. Canadian global nyota Justin Bieber goes ahead with the promotion of his acclaimed fourth album “Purpose“, released on November 13th via RBMG and Def Jam.
The inayofuata and fifth official single from the album is the song “Been You“, at least it has been confirmed as his inayofuata single in Australia.
The song was written kwa Bieber with the collaboration of Brandon Green, Josh Abraham, Saul Alexander Castillo Vasquez, Oliver Goldstein and Jason Boyd.
This is a great but quite unexpected choice. What do wewe think?

Justin Bieber We Are is an exclusive bonus track from the deluxe edition of the album "Purpose". Features Nas. Co-written kwa Jason Boyd, Andre Harris, Donovan Knight and Nasir Jones.
new album “Purpose” already dropped and today we get “We Are”. This is a track that is on the album with a guest feature from Nas. Bieber also recently released a remix of Drake‘s “Hotline Bling” which wewe can listen to.

Listen to Justin Bieber and Nas‘ “We Are