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Did wewe notice that "Omaha Mall" was a juu trending topic on Twitter earlier this week? If you're Belieber, wewe probably know why. On July 3, Justin Bieber and his entourage were heading to the Westroads Mall before his performance in Omaha, Neb. JB and his crew then came up with a freestyle song about the "Omaha Mall," which has become a total sensation on the Web.
Justin was filmed in his car, rapping and laughing with his Marafiki before doing some shopping. The video shows him walking through J.C. Penney, imba the song on camera, but it was all just for kicks. "It is very funny when I hear people thought OMAHA MALL was a real song...we were just having some fun," Justin tweeted.
mashabiki instantly started talking about the song and how they couldn't get the lyrics out of their heads. All the Twitter chatter pushed the topic to the juu of the trending charts, and even talk onyesha host Conan O'Brien tweeted about it. "Why is 'Omaha Mall' trending?" he wrote. "I didn't even know Nebraska had people, let alone a mall." After all the initial buzz, Justin and his Marafiki recorded an "official" version of the song, which is part of the reason why his mashabiki believed 'Omaha Mall' was a serious song. Have wewe seen the videos? wewe can watch them both below. What do wewe think? Do wewe want to ball at the Omaha Mall?
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