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 Usui's puppy dog face
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When he wanted to go with misa-chan ,sakura, and shizuko to the festival
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(usui edges closer and................................................... makes her kiss a drain pipe!?!?!?!??!?)
akira:yyuuuukkk!you should really have mints(looks at whos shes kissing/what shes kissing)aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggghhh!
(misaki breaks free)
misaki:i was gunna break out buuut i got taken over kwa a buncha idiots and hurt myself
evangaline and akira:eeeeekk!(runs before they could hide)
misaki:still dosent explain the boys
usui:well wewe see it was only cuz of...
usui:the idiots...
(next day)
idiot team 1:i forgotten our names...ah well i think its the idiots
(looks at sign)
idiot team:nuuuuu!!!!!!
(runs away)
misaki:and stay out!
usui:since there gone...you wont mind..would u?
misaki:FAT CHANCE!
usui:o welll...

and thats the end of the first chapter!!! yay
(in the allyway)
evil man:hheh.that girl looks perfect for the job!
(where misaki and usui are)
misaki:ihope i can retrive them
usui:since when did wewe care about boys?
misaki:well since...since...
usui:i gave wewe advice.
misaki:well who cares.i only want them back so i could get my proper amount of money
susi:yeah yeah.
(somewhere near them)
unknowen girl 1:thats the guy i want!
unknowen girl 2:your not having him
unknowen girl 1:i want him and i want him now!
unknowen girl 2:fine wewe get half and i get half...littrly
unknowen girl 1:deal!(pulles out a knife)
(back with misaki and usui)
misaki:can yuo hear...
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this is my first makala ever so i hope wewe like it

in the maid latte
usui is sitting in his normal kiti, kiti cha as a guest and the idiot team are staring at misaki as usual.

misaki:theres less boys in the cafe as usual
usui:beats me.
misaki:yes milord?
sarashina:plz give us the usual!
misaki:yes milord
shirokawa:(staaaaare)(misaki takes allthree of them and spins themaround before she throws them out the door)
sarashina,shirokawa and kurosaki:we forgive you
usui:well.i did see a sinister looking guy down the ally way.he tried to attack me but i just owned him
misaki:you shoulda told me(misaki...
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