The mwaka is 2022 I just finished collage and decide to go to Jasper Park,Canada. As I drive to the entrance, a ranger stops me.
"Sir, I'm Ranger Jones and we a promise that every person that comes here and must keep."
"And that would be?"
"That wewe WILL not, under any sir-come-stances, litter."
"I promise not to litter,Jones."
"Why did wewe call me Jones instead of 'Ranger' Jones?"
"Because I do not need to respect wewe for one good reason..."
"Enlighten me."
"We have the same goal."
"Which is?"
"To conserve nature and it's beauty." He have me a friendly smile,
"Would wewe like to see the head ranger?"
"Why not?"
"First cabin, kibanda on the right,and good luck."
"Thanks." I drove up to the cabin, kibanda on the right and went in. An saa later I came out with a new job! Park Ranger! I had a map of the whole area thanks to the head. I set the stuff in the car and drove deep into the park. I set up my tent and dropped of a few things and realized that I had forgotten about batteries for my flashlight! I went to the park store but amazingly they had ran fresh out of batteries. I was on my way to the nearest wal-mart, and I came to an inter-section where the light was green. I just passed the crosswalk through the inter-section when I heard the loud screech of tires. I quickly looked to my right and saw a semi-truck hurling toward me.
"AHHH-SSSHHHIII" Then the semi hit me. I was dead on impact. It was black for a while... then I saw light. Not a white one, a machungwa, chungwa one. I had opened my eyes and found myself on the forest floor. I stood and admired the nature that surrounded me. I accidentally stepped in a puddle and looked down at my...PAW?!?! I looked at myself in the puddle and found that I had been reborn as a wolf!Just then I heard something that was just to my right. I had just started to turn my head when something had tackled me right to the ground.
"Who the hell are wewe and what are wewe doing in our territory?" For some reason the voice sounded familiar.
"Shit. I surrender?" The mbwa mwitu looked at me, and I got a look at her,"Kate?" She backed up.
"How the hell do wewe know who I am?Wait did you-were wewe a...human?"
"Did wewe die?"
"Oh. A reincarno huh?"
"Yeah. I knew the after-life would be good...but not this good!"
"Yeah... We've had a couple of wewe before but not like you! Just look at you!"
"I know,I don't look I?"
"What? wewe look... awesome!"
"Well...Thanks! So what is this place?"
"Jasper park. The one in alpha and omega."
"Can we like...die here?"
"Well...yes and no. The only way wewe can die here is if wewe get like trampled kwa caribou au fall from really far up.You can get hurt though."
"Oh well let's go to the valley."
Me looking at my reflection