This follows the 'trip to jasper'

Kate and I got to the valley,
"So Kate,I have two question. In this life, can wewe rename yourself?"
"Well...If wewe want."
"And what do wewe do if wewe have no place to stay?"
"Well wewe could scavenge for a pango au wewe could stay with someone at there den."
"Well,see wewe around."
"Where are wewe headed to?"
"To find a new den."
"Oh, okay see you." I went around the valley looking for any sign of a pango that has been abandoned. No luck.
"Shit! Into the forest!" I waded into the forest and after awhile I finally found an abandoned den.
"Yes!" I immediately started marking my territory.
"Since that's taken care of might as well sleep, since it's dark." I soon fell asleep and awoke the inayofuata morning.
"Hunting time!"I alisema in a ringing voice. I walked in the forest,and after awhile I found a caribou and took it down,drag it back to the pango and had some breakfast. I then went and ran as fast as I could to the valley,for nothing but exercise reasons, and also to see how everyone was doing. I just got into the valley and slowed down to walking pace,then Kate cam up to me.
"Hey. Did wewe find a den?"
"Cool where is it?"
"It's back in the forest."
"Could I have a look?"
"I wewe can keep up! And I have no mercy unless wewe beg!"
"Sounds good to me! Lets go!" in a blink I was running as fast as I could. I reached the entrance to my pango and turned around.
"Hmmm." I saw Kate walking around,obviously lost,
"Hello? Where did wewe go?" I had stood kwa the entrance as still as a statue,which must be what she thought I was.She came up to me,
"He has very good craftsmanship."
"HAH!" I alisema and made her jump,she cowered in fear and a tear ran down her muzzle,"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't try to scare wewe that much," I put my paw on her shoulder,"I'm sorry,Really, I am."She looked at me and hugged me,
"Just please don't do that again." I hesitated,then returned the hug.
"I'm sorry.I won't."
"Huh, It surprised me at how fast wewe run. wewe ran so fast,I couldn't keep up."
"Sorry to leave wewe in the dust like that."
"It's okay. So this is your den?"
"Yep not much, just got it last night."
"It's such a big one!"
"It is?"
"Yeah! wewe got a caribou all kwa your self?"
"Yeah that was the easy part."
"What was the hard part?"
"Dragging it back here*laugh*"
"*laugh* Yeah but your so... did wewe have trouble with that?"
"Well... I wasn't in shape as a human."
"Oh, I have a real lot of trouble dragging caribou back to my den. Oh and did wewe come up with a name?"
"I was thinking 'David Hawkens'"
"Oh so, David, would wewe like to see my den?"
"Sure. I don't have anything else to do so lets get to it!" She ran ahead of me and I followed,soon we reached the valley,
"It's just up there."
"Up the hill?"
"Great! Let's get some exercise!"
"Okay race wewe to the top!"
"Let's do this thing!" I ran up the side of the hill,with Kate five meters ahead of me.
"Ha I beat wewe to the top!"
"Yes wewe did, me lady,"I alisema bowing,"I shall do one favor for wewe me lady." She blushed.
"Come on lets go look at my den."
"Not until wewe tell me what favor wewe want me to do."
"Are wewe serious?"
"Well, what are your limits?"
"There are none."
"Well then, thou shall drag me caribou back to me castle!"
"Yes'm me lady. Good uigizaji kwa the way."
"Thank you! Now come on!"