“ I want what I want Stefan, and I don’t care what I have to do to get it. My orodha of victims is a long one, and I have no problem adding one zaidi name to that list. ”
— Katherine Pierce

Katherine Pierce (born Katerina Petrova) is a vampire and former lover of Damon and Stefan Salvatore. She is first shown in flashbacks, inaonyesha her physically romantic relationship with the Salvatore brothers, eventually turning them, but was captured kwa the townspeople of Mystic Falls to be destroyed.

However, behind her sweet nature, Katherine revealed her deceptive side and escaped her would-be death with the help of George Lockwood. 145 years later, Katherine returned to Mystic Falls and started toying with the Salvatores again, cutting off her loose ends kwa destroying tomb vampires. Katherine was deeply hated for the murder and the turning of Caroline Forbes into a vampire, and using a werewolf, Mason Lockwood, to retrieve the moonstone, an essential element to break the curse of the Sun and the Moon.

Katherine is exposed as a Doppelganger who spent her immortal life fleeing an Original named Klaus, and although she chose Stefan over Damon, she promised John Gilbert that she would help protect her descendant Elena Gilbert, who is the center of the brothers' hearts. She is recently portrayed as the main 'bad guy' but, the arrival of Elijah, an Original vampire, weakens her attitude and frightens her with the knowledge that Klaus is not far away.

She is a member of the Petrov Family.

Katerina Petrova was born in Bulgaria around 1475 and was born into a wealthy family who then disowned Katherine in 1492, due to her having a illegitimate daughter in 1490 with an unknown man. Katherine carried the child and gave birth to a healthy girl before she was transformed into a vampire. This was later confirmed and it was shown that her daughter was taken away sekunde after she was born, leaving Katherine devastated. After being banished to England and had to learn to adjust, she quickly became English. In 1492 she met Trevor who introduced her Lord Elijah who in turn introduced her to his younger brother Lord Niklaus. At first Katerina was attracted to Klaus until she found out what he was and what he wanted from her she escaped with help from Trevor who had fallen in upendo with her. He told her to go to a cottage where she would be safe. When she arrives at a cottage, she met Rose. When Rose found out that she had escaped from Klaus with the moonstone she locked her in a room and told her that she would take her to Klaus. She tried to commit suicide kwa stabbing herself with a knife, but Rose force fed her some of her blood to heal her. However when Rose turned her back to confront Trevor, Katerina hung herself with a length of rope. Later when she woke up as vampire Trevor asked why she did it and would have helped her live. Katerina explains that he would have helped her run and that was never going to be enough. Rose then explains to Trevor that Katerina used him to escape and that Katerina is a vampire. Knowing Klaus will see their role in the escape Rose attempted to kill Katerina with a stake but she failed as Katerina used the owner of the cabin, kibanda as a shield and drank her blood. After she was done drinking the old lady's blood she threw the her into Trevor’s arms and leaves with her new vampire speed. Later in 1492 she returns to Bulgaria where she arrives at her parent’s nyumbani and discovers that her entire family had been killed kwa Klaus as revenge for her having escaped him.


As the years passed, Katerina went to America and changed her name to "Katherine Pierce" as she was still avoiding Klaus. She gained two new Marafiki along the way, Pearl and Anna. She saved a witch named Emily Bennett, causing Emily to be in her debt. She had Emily forge special jewelry of Lapis Lazuli which could allow Wanyonya damu to walk in the daylight. She then moved to a small town called Mystic Falls, where she was taken in kwa Giuseppe Salvatore. She met and fell in upendo with his son Stefan though, his brother Damon Charmed her dearly. Katherine made quite a few Wanyonya damu while in the town but soon the Founding Families discovered their existence. Pearl tried to convince Katherine that they should leave, but Katherine refused. She had a plan in motion.

Katherine struck a deal with George Lockwood: she would give him the moonstone if he would help her fake her death. He accepted. Katherine toyed with Stefan and Damon's affections, causing the two of them to fall in upendo with her. She slept with both of them and compelled them to keep her secret. She planned to turn them into Wanyonya damu and exchanged blood with them both, though only Damon was aware of it. Eventually, Stefan accidentally hinted to his father that he knew a vampire and Katherine's identity was revealed. Giuseppe had Katherine taken away, but Damon went to rescue her. Stefan, upset that he had hurt his brother, helped him in the effort, but they were killed kwa Giuseppe. Katherine and the other Wanyonya damu were taken to Fell's Church to be destroyed, but George helped Katherine escape. Katherine gave George the moonstone and as she made her way to the get-away carriage, she turned to see Damon and Stefan's bodies lying in the road. She ran to them but went to Stefan's body and promised that they would be together again. She kisses him and leaves, not paying attention to Damon.
Katherine leaving town and promises Stefan that they will be together again, however, knew Katherine survived the burning due to his deal with Emily to protect her and the other Wanyonya damu in the tomb under the church, though he did not know that Katherine had escaped.

Over the years, Katherine kept a close eye on Stefan from a distance so Damon wouldn't know.
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