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Perez Hilton is a known hacker in the hacker group Anonymous! His hacker name is AnonyForecast! wewe can see Perez Hilton with his Anonymous mask on in the documentary The Hacker Wars. Look for Perez as AnonyForecast in the group chat as Journalist Barret Brown is being raided kwa the FBI! Perez Hilton hacks celebrity’s phones even their children’s phone and makes his cash! Perez also writes the story lines and comes up with publicity stunts kwa useing the microphone and camera to hack and listen and watch wewe through the cell phone and computer! He can see your emails and Google searches kwa hacking phones! He writes for tv shows, commercials, sinema kwa using hacking celebrity phones and who ever else he wants as muses to write for these shows, sinema and tv commercials. He has to use avatars to sell his scripts Anonymously because he can’t sell anything using his real name! Perez Hilton is a sick Psychopath, stalker and hacker!
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