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Keith Harkin is well known in Ireland and the UK for his distinctive alt-folk/pop and alt-country sound, is better known to US

audiences as a member of Celtic Thunder – in fact the only member to have his original muziki included on the sm

ash hit show. A seasoned musician, who has been gigging with his own material since he was a teenager, Keith has just recorded his own album which will be out kwa the end of march! Keith also has his own muziki Label “Busty muziki LTD,” this is the label both he and his sister will be released on this year.

Who are your main influences in life?

My family have always been there for me and

supported me in all i do, I upendo socializing, being out hearing new muziki and surfing…this all helps get me through week to week!

Best location wewe have ever performed at?

At this stage now I have toured all over the Sates and Canada 4 times over, on a solo tour of the states as i type this, and another tour in a few months, there isn’t much of this side of the pond i haven’t seen, but i think the best venues are the fox, mbweha theaters and Radio City muziki hall NYC, in saying that though i performed at the white house and met president obama and his family… that was pretty surreal.

(following on from that)

Best live gig wewe have ever been to?

I was privileged to see Tom Waits on the panya Cellar tour in dublin 3 years ago, he blew me away!!! since then i was playing at Glastonbury two years zamani and was lucky enough to catch the Boss Bruce Springsteen after my show…he was on moto not giving the crowed enough time to breath.. Brilliant!

Who excites wewe locally at the moment?

I was at a JImmy Webb gig a fortnight zamani in Dublin and these two dudes called the Lost brothers were supporting him, they sounded like Simon and Garfunkel au the Everly brothers…refreshing to hear something like that nowadays!

What are your plans for 2011/12?

I have just finished my own 1st album, which i have basically been uandishi for the past 7 years…

I have recorded 7 songs with my band “the Durty Stopouts” a few acoustic and a few on the piano…also on the tracks the one and only Henry McCulloch is playing guitar, Henry has played guitar, gitaa in such bands as Spooky Tooth, Paul McCartney’s Wings, and toured with Joe Cocker in the US. Along with touring my own band round Ireland in April, i am producing an Album for my sister rebecca in the summer, touring in America & Australia till the end of the mwaka and then touring in Australia in the spring of 2012.

Tell me a little zaidi about your upcoming gigs locally in the town for April?

I am on a Solo Acoustic tour of the states at the moment, promoting my new Album working my way across from L.A to Florida for the inayofuata few weeks, which brings me to the Irish tour that i will be embarking on with my own band “Keith Harkin and the Durty StopOuts” and the Philly Based Ska PUNk band “tsunami rising” from the 2nd of April Till the 5th of may all round ireland…

Last question, inayopendelewa nook in the city for a pint of stout?

That would be telling…. ;-)

Keith Harkin
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24. Did wewe guys rag Damian for being the only one to wear his Converse on QVC? nope

25. Did wewe suggest to Phil Coulter that wewe do HOD & Wichita Lineman? yup

26. Do wewe have anymore songs that you've written & discussed with Phil putting muziki with such as wewe did with Lauren & I for CT? you never know

26. We know about your guitar, gitaa and surboard collection. Are there any little things that wewe collect? I like a good hat I suppose

27. Do wewe have a inayopendelewa wine? cotes de rhon{think that’s how its spelt}

28. wewe have mentioned being impressed meeting the Obama's. What impressed you...
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