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This Keith Harkin screencap contains picha, headshot, and closeup. There might also be beech, beech mti, and mti beech.

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1. Crazy glue? au duct tape? duct tape

2. What is your inayopendelewa prank that wewe have pulled on someone? i call people up and tell them they owe me lots of money

3. I enjoyed listennig to your guitar, gitaa tour of Martins??? yeah i just dont know what one to get

4. you've answered so many of our questions.... I think we're all pretty good sports, so... Is there any swali you'd like to ask us? nope

5. Ultimate dream surfboard. What's the ubunifu look like? Bonzer

6. wewe play the guitar, gitaa and piano. Are there any new instruments wewe would like to learn to play? the trumpet

7. I see wewe like steak...
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From Granny Peg....

I wish to send my thanks and appreciation for the beautiful blanket I received. I am overwhelmed with your generosity and kindness and the many hours of hard work put into it. It has taken pride of place in my home. I really upendo it. Also thanks to all the people for the lovely gifts and good wishes, and for the great support wewe gave my darling grandson Keith and the sweetest grand-daughter Rebecca. May I wish wewe and yours all the peace and happiness in this New Year.
May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back
And may god hold in the palm of his hand
An Irish blessing to all the lovely America and Canadian people
God Bless

From: Keith and Rebecca's Mum and Dad ...

We would like to thank wewe for the lovely gifts and kind wishes which we received and take this opportunity to wish wewe all a very peaceful and happy New Year. We are so grateful for the encouraging support wewe continue to give Keith and Rebecca.
Thank wewe so much
God Bless
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The Homes Of Donegal
(Sean Mc Bride/ arranged Paul Brady)

I've just dropped in to see wewe all
I'll only stay awhile
I want to hear how you're getting on
I want to hear wewe smile
I'm happy to be back again
And greet wewe big and small
For there's no place on earth just like
The homes of Donegal

I long to see your smiling children
Standing kwa the door
The kettle boiling on the hearth
As I walk up the floor
And then to see a welcome free
For travellers one and all
For your hearts are like your mountains
In the homes of Donegal

I'd like to stay along with wewe
And while away the night
With fairy...
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Keith Harkin, Feile fest 2008, Derry Ireland. Possibly not official title to song,
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Still in progress, but here's the first bit!

Transcript: 29 December, 2009

BBC Radio Foyle with Mark Patterson

Mark: And so, folks, to our People in profaili where all week here on the program for the sekunde saa I’m just taking time to talk to a local person who’s made their mark in one way au another. Today, a surfer, singer, songwriter who started out with an acoustic guitar, as I remember it, at the local bar scene. He made his mark, and he then took the plunge and joined Phil Coulter’s Celtic Thunder tour of America. That decision has led to three Billboard chart world muziki number one...
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