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 zaidi stills from Keith's album vid
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This Keith Harkin picha might contain kijani beret, vikosi maalum, askari wasomi, askari wa wasomi wa green beret, vikosi maalumu, and rifleman.

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51. How old were wewe when wewe surfed for the very first time??? 16 au so

52. What 2 things do wewe like most about touring? meeting loads of nice new people

53. Keith, how many of those 400 kids that wewe are going to have will wewe sign to Busty Music? 400 of them

54. Did wewe ever play the bagpipes? au ngumi, punch them? yes and yes

55. Did wewe Ever think of being cloned? all the time

56. What is your inayopendelewa reaction wewe have received from someone in the audience? tears and fainting usually get me

57. Do wewe usually stay in a hotel after wewe perform, au spend the night on the road? au does it depend how...
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24. Did wewe guys rag Damian for being the only one to wear his Converse on QVC? nope

25. Did wewe suggest to Phil Coulter that wewe do HOD & Wichita Lineman? yup

26. Do wewe have anymore songs that you've written & discussed with Phil putting muziki with such as wewe did with Lauren & I for CT? you never know

26. We know about your guitar, gitaa and surboard collection. Are there any little things that wewe collect? I like a good hat I suppose

27. Do wewe have a inayopendelewa wine? cotes de rhon{think that’s how its spelt}

28. wewe have mentioned being impressed meeting the Obama's. What impressed you...
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I found a Hobnobs recipe on-line, and after a few changes to the recipe (we don't do grams very well in the US..) I tried it out last night. They're a hit!! Hobnobs are fantastically delicious cookies! The recipe I found states that it's a pretty accurate 'copycat' version of the classic British biscuit. Here's the recipe:

240g self-raising flour (about 2 cups)
240g sugar (1 1/2 cups to 1 1/2 cups)
240g uji oats (about 3 cups) -- I used Quaker oatmeal
240g margarine (1 1/4 cup) -- I used siagi - no margarine in my refrigerator!
1 Tbsp golden syrup (you can order it on-line... I used light...
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hujambo all - Keith answered another round of maswali for everyone!! Here they are! Enjoy.

1. Have u seen the movie Sufer Dude? its really funny nope

2. What is your fav Type of gum? strawberry

3. Do u like Cats? dont mind them, i used to have lots when i was younger.

4. Of all the places in the world that wewe haven't seen yet, which city au country would wewe most like visit, and why? Mexico...WAVES

5. Does your car have a name? no.....give me a few options?

6. Keith - wewe know I just have to ask... what's your inayopendelewa poem? dont have one

7. Of your own stuff, do wewe have a inayopendelewa song au lyric?...
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