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posted by Melinda100
did u ever feel like something was watching u .Thats me inside ur house there is a vampire trying 2 suck the blood out your neck it sqeazes blood right out of u until it has enough blood to fill down his veans .But wat this girl screaming throgh ot her lungs she can't even seem to speak with out of breath.... THE END WAT! there gose stephan and damon with boonie but she's dead to me and kathrine unttil she awaken's in her DrEaM....brb until she dies!!!..'kathrine help me please no elena u alisema u wanted 2 die so i gave u that u alisema that u wanted me 2 kill u so i did u a favopr u alisema that u wanted a break i gave u a break of my mind util when i force steph into leting him turn me back i suggest u die first like i did...and burn in heven..