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Our feet thudded against the ground, pounding out a rhythm that I didn't want to give up. I maintained pace as my eyes darted inayofuata to me. My twin sister was doing the same as me, except she was concentrating on the dirt road in front of us. Her dark blue hair flew behind her. Her face flushed with exertion. Her violet eyes shone determinedly in the darkness.
I looked ahead of me. We were both tired. We'd been running for god knows how long. It felt like eternity to me.
We needed to rest.
But the beat. So rhythmic. It put me into a trance. My energy flooded through me, washing away my...
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~Basic Information:~
Name: Dylain (die-lane) Azuria
Nickname: Dy
Age: 16 (Birthday: August 5 '93)
Race: Bastian
Other family members: Twin sister (Marylyn), father (Niklioni)

Hair: A light blue that appears pinkish, very long.
Eyes: A deep green, but changes shades depending on her mood.
Height: A bit shorter than Kiba.
Other: Bastian: She has cat ears and a cat tail. They are both the same color as her hair. She hides her ears with a black and red plaid hat and she has the ability to make her tail appear and disappear out of thin air.

Likes: Chocolate, isolation, cats....
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Still Kiba's P.O.V

You stood there shocked Hinta barely if ever, was mean to someone like that. wewe took Raven odd wewe arm. "Can wewe tell Kurenai for me tha I will not bne at training today?" wewe say to Raven.

"Uh yeah sure Babe." She said.

You disappear in a puff of smoke.

Mira's P.O.V

Hinata and Shino welcome wewe back and hug you, which was kinda weird becaus eyou thought Shino didn't like you. After that wewe hear Kiba speak.

"Hey Mira." He said.

You turn to him and smile, then wewe notice some girl hanging onto his arm. She realeased his arm and walked up to you. She held her hand out for wewe to...
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wewe wake up in the morning. Eat get dressed and head out the door after saying bye to everyone. As wewe close the door wewe catch a familiar scent.

"Naruto, what are wewe doing here?" wewe say as Naruto lands beside you.

"Hi Mira. I just thought that I would walk wewe to training." He said. "Well that is if wewe dont mind of course."

You smile. "Of course I dont mind." wewe say. "Who wouldn't want their best friend walking with them." wewe laugh and

Naruto smiles.
You loop your arm through his and start walking. wewe chat untill wewe reach the training grounds. wewe remove your arm and walk forward.

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wewe and Naruto are walking down a dirt path, the gates of Konoha were within sight. About 10 feet away from the gate Naruto dropped his bag, and ran through the gates screaming that he was back.

You stop to pick up his bag "Oh, Naruto." wewe say mostly to your self.

"Always looking after Naruto. wewe know he is going to have to learn to take care of himself." Jiraiya said.

You look at him and smile. "I like to see the siku when Naruto takes care of himself." wewe say.

You both laugh, then head into the village.

Naruto is no where to be seen, wewe hear someone yell to wewe from above.

"Hey Mira, up...
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Name:Mira Yuna
age:17 1/2
Eye color: Hazel Green
Hair color: Brown
Backround:Left the village to go help Naruto with his training, didnt have a choice in the matter, Tsunade alisema she had too. Left Kiba behind, Kiba alisema he would wait for her, until she got back.

Name: Akita (Mira's Partner and Lunar's sister)
Backround: Left with Mira to go train Naruto.

Name: Naoko Yuna (Mira's twin)
Age: 17 1/2
Eye color:Green
Hair color: browm
Backround: Is left behind when Mira goes to help Naruto. Still hates Kiba!

Name: Lunar (Akita's brother and Naoko's partner)
Backround: Is left behind when Mira and Akita go to help train Naruto.
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You and Kiba turn to see who it was. There stood Tsunade.

"Sorry Lady fifth." wewe both said.
"Its alright." She alisema and then looked at Naoko. "Naoko why did wewe have to go and get them fighting like that?"

"Sorry lady fifth." Naoko said.

"Whatever." Tsunade said.

"Hey Tsunade we are here." Jiraiya said.

Naruto was right behind him.

"Hello Jiraiya. wewe came right on time." she turned to you. "Mira do wewe know why Naoko is here?" She asked.

"Uh no why would I?" wewe say.

"She is a cocky one and just think I have to spend two years with her." Jiraiya said....
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~~ Mira's P.O.V~~


~~FF at the gates 7 in the morning~~
You are all waiting there for Kurenai. it was now 7:30 and she still was not there.
"What the heck where is she?" Kiba yelled.
"Calm down pup she will be here when she gets here." wewe say.
He stares at wewe with a look thats says wewe cant tell me wewe arn't mad that she is not here yet. wewe smile at him.


~~Mira's P.O.V~~

Kiba was still pacing. and wewe watched him. Finally wewe could not stand him anymore.

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~~training grounds~~

~~Kiba's P.O.V~~

You walk to the training grounds and see that shino is already there.

"Hey Shino." wewe say in a I really don't care kind of tone.

"Hey Kiba." He said.

You sit on the ground to wait for Hinata, Kurenai and Mira to onyesha up.

"So have wewe figured out a way to fix your relationship with Mira?" Shino asked.

"No." wewe alisema and sighed. "I dont know how to fix it."

"Im sure wewe will find away."

"Yeah, but when, I dont think I can live my life with out her anymore. I feel so stupid for saying that she was a murderer when she is not, wewe two were just doing what wewe were told."...
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In the morning wewe were a mess. after what had happenend last night wewe just wish wewe could fufill Kiba's wish and die. but knew that would never happen. so wewe got up and took a kuoga then fed Akita, not bothering to feed yourself.

~~In the kitchen~~

Yukimaru was eating, and he saw that wewe were not eating anything.

"Mira-chan why are wewe not eating?" He asked.

"I'm not hungry." wewe answer.

"But wewe have to eat if wewe want to be strong. Well at least that is what wewe tell me."

You stare at him.

'He would of been one of the people that I would of killed if I did not save him, and just haveing him...
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 Shino (part 1)
Shino (part 1)
Stats on Shino Aburame

Rank: Genin (part I), Chuunin (part II)
Teammates: Kiba Inuzuka, Hinata hyuga
Sensei: Kurenai Yuhi
Specialties: Kikaichu Bug host, Insect attacks
First Appearance: Naruto manga ch., Naruto ep. 1
village: Konoha
Age:12 (I), 15 (II) (January 23)
Height: 5.12 ft
Weight: 101.0 lb
Blood Type: AB
Chakra Type: ?


Shino is one of the zaidi mysterious members of the original “Konoha 11” genins. From the outside, Shino appears very quiet and emotionless. He speaks bluntly and logically, and his actions also reflect these characteristics. Although these traits may sometimes cause...
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 Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru (Part 1)
Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru (Part 1)
Rank: Genin (part 1), Chuunin (part 2)
Teammates: Shino Aburame, Hinata Hyuga
Sensei: Kurenai Yuhi
Specialties: Hand-to-hand combat, Tracking
First Appearance: Naruto manga ch., Naruto ep 1
Village: Konoha
Age:12 (I), 15 (II)
Birthday: July 7th
Height: 5.00 ft
Weight: 98.5 lb
Blood Type: B
Chakra Type: ?
Kiba is a member of Konoha's Inuzuka clan who are characterized kwa their highly symbiotic relationships with their dog companions. His name “Kiba” means fang and it reflects his wild appearance. Kiba is always seen with his young dog, Akamaru, who often rides on his head au is carried in...
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wewe looked at him
"Im not a MURDERER Kiba."

"Oh then how do wewe explain wewe killing people. Huh?" He snapped.

"Kiba that is enough. It was not our choice to kill those people and wewe know it." Shino said.

"Well wewe could of stopped at anytime."

"No we could not of, if we did then we would of been caught and killed." Shino said.

"Well at least if wewe died, no innocent people would of died."

"you dont know what happen." Shino said. He had his hand on your shoulder.

"Your right i dont know but what i do know is that wewe two are murderers and i dont think i like that very much." Kiba alisema madly.

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wewe walk through the gates of Konoha with Yukimaru on your back.

"Uh its so good to be back home." wewe say.

Shino looks at you,
"Yeah it is." He says.

"So Kakashi sensai, what will happen to Yukimaru now that he is here?" wewe ask.

"I dont know that is up to Tsunade not me." He answers.


You all walk to the Hokage's building. Once inside Tsunade just tells wewe not to tell anyone because the less people that know the better and the less people that may au may not get hurt au even killed, If ororchimaru found out what happen. She also lets Yukimaru live with you.

you were only nyumbani for two days...
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wewe were working on an experiment involving putting DNA into some people. wewe had no idea why wewe were donig this but wewe did not complain. wewe heard someone come into the room and turned to see who it was. Orochimaru stood in the door way.

"My lord what brings wewe here?" wewe ask as wewe bow.

"I need your oppion on something Aki. So would wewe come with me." He said.

"Yes my lord. Yukimaru lets go."

Orochimaru leaves and the both of wewe follow. wewe walk down the long hallway to the room that wewe were in when wewe first arrived. In the room there was a guy he had black hair, wore googles that covered...
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wewe are walking down the dark hall when a dark figure grabs wewe and pushes wewe against the wall.

"What are wewe doing here? Tell me and I may let wewe live." The voice says to you.

"I'm here to jiunge Orochimaru." wewe say with no emotion at all.

"What is your name? and where are wewe coming from?"

'Oh no they did not tell me a name to give au a village'
you think quickly.

"My Name is Aki and I come from the Rain village."

"Follow me." The voice comands you, so wewe do as your told.

You walk for a long time untill wewe see a light at the end of the hallway. Once at the light wewe come to find out it is a...
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~~Mira's P.O.V~~

You wake up in the morning and take a shower, eat and feed Akita. There is only one zaidi week untill Kuranai comes back from her mission. Untill then wewe were going to hang out with Kiba and your sister and possibly Gaara.

~~FF one week later~~

You are at the training grounds with Kiba, Hinata and Shino. wewe are sitting on Kiba's lap, his arms are wrapped around your waist.

"So what do wewe want to do after training?" Kiba asked you.

"Dont know we will have to wait and see." wewe answer.

While wewe were talking Kuranai sensai should up.

"Hey team long time no see." she said.

"Hello Kurenai...
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~~Mira's P.O.V~~

You stop talking to Naoko when your Mother comes walking down the aisle.

'She looks so pretty!' wewe think

~~FF ater wedding~~

People come up and congratulate the new married couple, this is when wewe take your chance to leave. wewe dont want to be around so many people and Naoko. She got wewe so mad when she alisema that it was to early for wewe and Kiba to start kissing.

'Who does she think she is, I mean she started kissing whoever she was going out with that very same siku she started going out with them.' wewe think to yourself.

You are now running through the woods at a fast speed,...
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~~Naoko's P.O.V~~

You are at the field with almost all of the guests. Gaara is of course kwa your side.

"Where is she she was suppose to be here kwa now." wewe say to no one in particular.

"Well she is out with Kiba I'm sure he will get her here on time. Dont worry so much Naoko." Gaara said.

As wewe take another glance at the entrance which is just a dirt path. wewe see Kiba leap down from a mti holding Mira in his arms. This shocks you, but what shocks wewe zaidi is when wewe see them kiss. wewe immediately walk over to them, Gaara right behind you.

"Mira!?" wewe say.

"What?" She says as she turns to face...
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~~Mira's P.O.V~~

You get up and do your normal routine of taking shower, brushing hair etc...... After all that wewe are standing in front of your mirror looking at your self in your brides maid dress, trying to figure out what wewe could do to make yourself look better, When wewe heard your name being called.

~~ Kiba's P.O.V~~

You get up and do your normal routine of getting in the shower, brushing teeth etc......... wewe are standing and looking in your mirror trying to figure out what wewe could do to look better, when your mom came in.

"Kiba no matter what wewe do that girl is still going to fall...
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