wewe have been in Konoha for a week and had not seen Kiba since wewe two had kissed. He has been training for the exams. There was no one to hang out with because of the exams and wewe were starting to regret taking them early. wewe were laying on your kitanda starting at the ceilling when Kakashi walked in and alisema that Tsunade wanted to see you. SO wewe got up and heade to her office

~~FF to office~~

wewe walk thru the doors and see Tsunade sitting at her dawati and someone standing infront of it.

"Im sorry Lady Tsunade but am I inturupting something?" wewe ask

She looks over at wewe and so doe the person. They then scream.

"MIRA OMG HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

wewe stare at the person untill wewe realize that it is your best friend Naoko.

"NAOKO HI." wewe walk up to her and hug her. "What are wewe dooing here?"

"We are going on a mission together."

"Really?! But there are shinobi in this village to go on missions with me."

"Well all the availble shinobi are training for the chunin exams that is why I have asked the Kage of the land of Fang to send over one of your friends." Tsunade said.

"Oh. Im so glad he picked Naoko. So what is the Mission?" wewe ask

"To bring a scroll to the land of birds."

"That all?"

"Yup" She hand syou a scroll and wewe take it.

"Ok then see wewe when we get back Lady Tsunade."

wewe both leave and head to your house so wewe can get your thhings. After wewe head to the gates. As wewe are about to leave someone yells your name.


wewe and Naoko both look behind you. wewe ses Kiab running up to you. When he gets to wewe he is aal out of breath.

"Do. . . wewe . . . have. . . . a mission?" HE aske inbetween pants


"oh of course wewe do, right when Kurenai lets us have the rest of the siku off."

"Sorry it is not ny fault blame Lady Tsunade." wewe smile at him and he smiles back


wewe and Kiba both look at Naoko.

"Oh ya this is my best friend Naoko. Naoko this is Kiba and his dog Akamaru."

Naoko haold out her hand and Kiba shakes it.

"Nice to meet you." they both say

"Well Kiba we better get going." wewe say

"Ok, but when wewe get back we have to hang out okay?"

Sure i would upendo too."

wewe and Naoko then walk out the gates and disapeare into the woods.

"He seems to really like wewe mira."

"You think?"


(well i am not going to explain what they did on the way there) YOu got to the land of birds two days later and delivered the scroll. wewe stayed for one siku to rest then headed back out to go home. One siku had already passed and wewe were almost at the gates to Konoha when wewe caught an unfamilar scent. wewe stopped in your tracks. Naoko turned to see what was wrong.

"Mira wewe ok?" she asked

"I caught a scent and i dont know who it is, but i know they are not friendly. there is two maybe three of them."

Akite jumped from your arms and wewe got into a fighting stance so did Naoko.


just then two people come jumping from the bushes. They are wearing black cloacks with red clouds on them. One looks like a samaki and the other has lines on his face that makes him look old.

"Who are you?" wewe growl

The samaki guy spoke "Our names are no concern to wewe all we want is the Five Tailed Demon,Gobi no Houkou,that takes the form of a dog in your body."

"You are the Akatsuki. Yo want to use the tailed demons powers for wewe own evil useage. But im sorry to tell wewe this but there is no way wewe are getting Gobi." wewe say

"We will see about that." samaki guy said.

He then ran at wewe with his sword drawn. He slashed at wewe and wewe dogded it but wewe were cuaght in a genjustu of some sort.

(Okay so i dont feel like explaining the whole fight so im going to skip to almost the end)

wewe were standing there blood dripping down wewe face, Akita lay on the ground at your feet and Naoko was kmocked out on the ground. It was only wewe left to fight. But the two Akatsuki guys were getting worn out wewe could tell. But wewe were zaidi worn out than them. wewe could feel wewe legs start to go weak when wewe stepped mbele and your vision was blurry.

'I dont know how much longer i can fight them. I may not beable to defeat them.'

The samaki guy then alisema something.

"Haha for haveing a demon in you, wewe sure are weak."

wewe stared at him with cold eyes.

"I dont use Gobi's powers. I have learned to control him so he nevers comes out." wewe say

Just then inside wewe wewe could feel Gobi trying to take over your body to fight. Just so he could prove wewe wrong and onyesha then that wewe cpuld not control him.

'Gobi no i can do this on my own stay out of this.' wewe yell at the demon in you.

[dear child it looks like wewe do need me. If wewe dont except my help wewe will lose this battle and your life.]

The overwhelming power of Gobi started to take over you. wewe did your best to fight back but it was no use. Gobi came out anyway.

Dark dark blue chakra flowed around wewe as Gobi came out. wewe grew dog ears on your head and a dog tail they were both dark brown just like Gobi. Gobi now had taken over your whole body.

"Haha!" Gobi stares at the two Akatsuki. "Looks like this battle is over. wewe have weakened this girl so much that i had to come out and help. And i will not let wewe kill her!!!!"

Gobi then rushed at the two and attacked with its chakra. It only took three blows with Gobi's chakra to make the two Akatsukiback down.

"you have won this time DEMON but inayofuata time wewe wont." The old looking one said. then they both disapeared.

"I better get wewe back to the village safely."

Gobi then moved wewe over to Akita and Naoko and picked them up. He then raced to Konoha.

~~FF One week later~~

wewe woke up startled, wewe were in an unfamilar room and had no idea what haapen.

"Oh wewe are a wake."

wewe look over to see a nurse standing there looking at you.