wewe and Kiba turn to see who it was. There stood Tsunade.

"Sorry Lady fifth." wewe both said.
"Its alright." She alisema and then looked at Naoko. "Naoko why did wewe have to go and get them fighting like that?"

"Sorry lady fifth." Naoko said.

"Whatever." Tsunade said.

"Hey Tsunade we are here." Jiraiya said.

Naruto was right behind him.

"Hello Jiraiya. wewe came right on time." she turned to you. "Mira do wewe know why Naoko is here?" She asked.

"Uh no why would I?" wewe say.

"She is a cocky one and just think I have to spend two years with her." Jiraiya said.

"What do wewe mean two years?" wewe ask.

Tsunade looks at you.

"Well wewe are going to help Naruto train and jiraiya is taking wewe out of the village for two years and your father already agreed to let wewe go." Tsunade said.


"Well yes wewe do but if wewe say no then Naruto wont be able to train to his full potential. wewe are the toughest ninja in our village and will be able to control Naruto when he gets out of hand." Tsunade said.

wewe look at the ground.
"Fine I guess I will go." wewe say.

"Alright then wewe leave today." Tsunade alisema then disapeared.

Naruto then took wewe kwa the hand.

"Come on Mira Pervy sage is already walking away." He said.

"Alright I'm coming." wewe say. "Just let me say goodbye to Naoko."

"Ok but hurry." He said.

"Yeah I will." wewe say. wewe watch as Naruto disapeares after Jiraiya.

wewe then turn to Naoko.
"Bye sis I am going to miss you." wewe say.

Naoko takes wewe in her arms and wewe hold each other tightly.

"I will miss wewe too." Naoko said.

wewe realease eachother then turn to Kiba. He pulls wewe into a hug when the hug ends wewe kiss him and he kisses back. wewe take a step way from him.

"Kiba do wewe know?" wewe say as tears stream from your eyes.

"Do I know what?" He asks as tears run down his face.

"Do wewe know, I upendo you?" wewe ask.

He pulls wewe into yet another hug.

"I upendo wewe too Mira. Untill wewe come back I will be waiting for you." He says.

wewe two realease eachother again. wewe lean over and pick up Akita and sprint off arfter jiraiya and Naruto.

~~ Kiba's P.O.V~~
wewe are watching as Mira leaves the village to go help Naruto with training. wewe can't believe that she is going to be gone for two years. wewe stand there untill wewe can't see her figure anymore.

'I upendo wewe Mira and I always will.'

Your team minus Mira goes on the mission wewe were assigned.

Well hope wewe liked it there will be a seguel so the story will go on.