wewe and Naruto are walking down a dirt path, the gates of Konoha were within sight. About 10 feet away from the gate Naruto dropped his bag, and ran through the gates screaming that he was back.

wewe stop to pick up his bag "Oh, Naruto." wewe say mostly to your self.

"Always looking after Naruto. wewe know he is going to have to learn to take care of himself." Jiraiya said.

wewe look at him and smile. "I like to see the siku when Naruto takes care of himself." wewe say.

wewe both laugh, then head into the village.

Naruto is no where to be seen, wewe hear someone yell to wewe from above.

"Hey Mira, up here!"
wewe look up and see Naruto standing inayofuata to Kakashi. wewe jump up and land inayofuata to Naruto.
"Hey wewe dropped this." wewe say as wewe fling his bag to him.

"HAHA thanks." he alisema while rubbing the back of
his neck.

"Wow wewe two sure have grown." Kakashi said.

"Well one of us did." wewe say and stick your tongue out at Naruto.

Naruto then playfully punches wewe in the arm. Jiraiya appears inayofuata to you.

"Ok wewe two lets get going to the Hokage's offfice." He said.

"Ok Pervy sage." Naruto said.
wewe smack him in the back of the head.

"Ow what the heck was that for?" Naruto all but yelled at you.

"Respect wewe elders!" wewe yell at him.

"Hmph whatever." Naruto alisema crossing his arms.

"HOLY CRAP! Mira has tamed Naruto." Kakashi alisema in surprise. "How did wewe do it?"

"It took many months and many zaidi bowls of ramen." wewe say with a smile.

"Okay wewe two. Office now." Jiraiya alisema sternly.
"Yes sir, we are going." wewe and Naruto said.

wewe and Naruto lept off the buliding and headed to the Hokage's office. Jiraiya and Kakashi are close behind.
As wewe approch the building wewe and Naruto both spot a pink haired girl and a blonde haired women.

"SAKURA!!!!!!" Naruto yelled and ran up to them dropping his bag once again.

wewe sigh and pick it up, then walk over to them. "Hey Naruto wewe dropped this again." wewe say flinging his bag to him yet again.

"Thanks again,Mira." Naruto alisema with a goofy smile on his face.

"Naruto, Mira you're back." Sakura said. "Its so good to see wewe again."

"Yes it is good to see wewe and see how wewe have grown." A voice alisema from behind you.

wewe and Naruto both turn to the voice, and there stood Tsunade.

"Its been a long time since wewe two were in this village. I was starting to wonder if wewe would ever come back." Tsunade alisema with a smile.

"Its my fault that we were not here when we were supposed to be." Jiraiya alisema coming up to wewe guys. "You see we would of been back six months zamani when assigned but on the way we met up with some very not so nice ninja. And well Naruto and me got a little beat up. So Mira had to take care of us. Im still not fully healed but here we are." He finished.

"Its a good thing Mira is a good fighter she barely got a scratch." Naruto alisema putting his arm around Mira.

"Thanks Naruto." wewe say.

Naruto smiles and releases wewe from his grip.

"Ah well I see. Anyway its good to have wewe all back and semi-well." Tsunade alisema with a smile aimed to Jiraiya. She then turned to Kakashi. "Now that Naruto is back. Him and Sakura can go back to being on your team. As for wewe Mira, Kurenai is having a training session tomorrow at eight in the morning. wewe can go if wewe want to."

"I'll go. It will be good to see my old team." wewe say.

"ok its settled then." Tsunade said.

"Awwww, that means me and Mira will be mgawanyiko, baidisha up!" Naruto winnied.

wewe walk up to him and put your arm around his shoulders. "Its ok Naruto we are still in the same village. We can still see eachother." wewe say.

"Yeah I guess wewe are right." Naruto alisema sadly.

"You can all go get settled back in at nyumbani now." Tsunade said.

"Ok. Well Naruto I'll see wewe later." wewe say as wewe get on Akita's back and ride away.

~~Infront of your house~~

wewe stand infront of your house just staring at it.

"Wow, its good to see this again." wewe say.

*Yeah sure is.I really missed this house* Akita said.

Both of wewe walk up to the steps and walk inside.

"Hey anyone yell?" wewe yell into the house.

Your father peeked his head around the corner. "Mira?!" He said.

wewe smile and put your hands on your hip. "What? Dont wewe reconize your own daughter?" wewe say with a smile.

Your father runs to wewe and wraps wewe into a hug. "SHIZUKA COME HERE MIRA IS HOME!!!!" Shiro yelled.

Your mother came running down the stairs and did not stop until she reached wewe and was holding wewe tight. "Oh my baby I missed wewe so much." She said

"I missed wewe guys too."You say.

After about three dakika your parents release you.

"Where's Naoko?" wewe ask.

"Oh your sisteris at the training grounds. wewe should go visit her. She will be so happy wewe are home." Your mother said.

"yeah that will be a good idea." wewe said.
wewe go upstairs and put your things into your room. Which your parents had not touched au removed anything. When wewe were done wewe raced down stairs and out the door with a quick good-bye to your parents.

~~At the training grounds~~

wewe reach the training grounds and wewe see four people. One of them is a female with brown hair who turns turns and looks at you. She then runs to wewe and tackles wewe into a hug, knocking wewe off Akita's back.

"MIRA YOUR HOME!!!!!" She yelled.

"Its nice to see wewe too Naoko. Now if wewe dont mind could wewe get off me please?" wewe asked.

Naoko the got up and off wewe and helped wewe up.

"When did wewe get back?" She asked you.

"About two hours." wewe answer.

"Hey Mira your back." A voice said.

wewe turn around and see a guy with small gppony, pony tail on his head. "Shikamaru?!"

"What don't wewe reconize me?" He asked.

"Kinda your hair is the same, but GOSH have wewe grown." wewe say and smile.

"Well look at you. Your all curves, and I think any girl would kill to have your breast. wewe say I have grown well take a good look at yourself. your a walking buffet of hottness" he said.

"I would have to agree with wewe Shikamaru." Someone said.

wewe look over to see a guy with long brown hair get slapped across the head kwa a girl with four buns in her hair.

"Way to say somethng like that infront of your girlfriend Neji." The girl said.

"God Tenten I was just stating a fact." Neji said.
Tenten looked over at wewe then back to Neji. "Yeah i guess your right." She said.

Neji kissed her on the cheek.

"Alright enough about how hot my sister has gotten. Im hungry and want some ramen. Whos with me?" Naoko alisema raising her hand in the air.

"Ok Ok Naoko. Lets go." Shikamaru said.

wewe hung out with everyone for the rest of the evening and when wewe got nyumbani wewe and Naoko talked late in the night. wewe told her everything wewe had done and how much wewe have learned.