wewe wake up in the morning. Eat get dressed and head out the door after saying bye to everyone. As wewe close the door wewe catch a familiar scent.

"Naruto, what are wewe doing here?" wewe say as Naruto lands beside you.

"Hi Mira. I just thought that I would walk wewe to training." He said. "Well that is if wewe dont mind of course."

wewe smile. "Of course I dont mind." wewe say. "Who wouldn't want their best friend walking with them." wewe laugh and

Naruto smiles.
wewe loop your arm through his and start walking. wewe chat untill wewe reach the training grounds. wewe remove your arm and walk forward.

"Well this place hasn't changed a bit." wewe say.
wewe turn back to Naruto and notice a golf ball sized black thing on his shoulder. wewe stare at it untill wewe see it move.


Naruto starts to jump around to get the bug off.

"Naruto stop moving I'll get the bug off." wewe say.

Naruto continues his movements.
Finally wewe push him to the ground and sit on him. wewe procceed to take the bug off.

"KILL IT! KILL THE BUG!!" Naruto yelled at you.

wewe look at him and then at the bug crawling on your finger.

"No I dont think Shino will like it if I kill this bug." wewe say.

"You are right Mira. I would not like it."

wewe and Naruto look to the voice. There stood Shino, hinata, Kiba and some girl. They are staring at wewe like wewe have twenty heads.

~~Kiba's P.O.V~~

wewe wake up kuoga and head out the door to go meet up with Hinata and Shino for yet another boring training session. wewe meet them kwa the big maple tree, as wewe get closer wewe see another person there too. When there wewe realize this person is your girlfriend Raven. She has purple waist length hair and eyes that match. She is wearing a yellow tanktop and short black shorts. She reminded wewe so much of Mira. They both were great fighters, they were not afraid to get hurt, au dirty. They both had nice caring personalities, but unlike Mira, Raven never gave wewe space. She was always kwa your side, even when wewe had to train.

wewe then start to siku dream about Mira. wewe reallize what wewe were doing and stop yourself.
'I'm not dating Mira anymore. I'm with Raven now. If Mira wanted to be with me she would of came nyumbani when she said.' wewe say to yourself.
wewe walk up to Raven and pull her into your arms and kiss her. wewe notice Shino and Hinata turn away. They did this whenever wewe two kissed.
One siku wewe asked Shino why.


"Hey Shino! Wait up can I ask wewe something?" wewe yell to Shino.

He stops and waits for wewe to get to him.

"Yeah sure Kiba what is it?" He said.

"Well I was wondering why do wewe and Hinata turn away when me and Raven kiss?" wewe ask.

It takes Shino a few dakika to answer. "Well its becasue wewe told Mira wewe would wait for her, and yet here wewe are dating another girl." He pauses. "And to be honest Kiba we don't like Raven all that much." He answered.

~~End Flashback~~

That was the last wewe two spoke of the matter. wewe release Raven and walk to the training grounds.
"Hey did wewe hear that Mira is back?" Hinata asked Shino.

"No I didn't. Do wewe think she will be at training today?"

"I don't know." Hinata said.

wewe overheard this and wondered why they didn't ask you. Just then Hinata alisema something.
"Looks like she will be coming."
wewe look infront of wewe and see an older Naruto and Mira. Mira was sitting on Naruto's back with some kind of bug on her finger.
wewe hear.

"KILL IT! KILL THE BUG!" This was Naruto's voice.

Then Mira who calmly said. "No, I don't think Shino will like it if I kill this bug."

wewe hear Shino say. "You are right Mira, I would not like it."

Naruto and Mira both look at you. Mira stood up and handed the bug to Shino.

Hinta now spoke. "Mira! I can't believe wewe are home. It's so good to see you." Hinata hugged her.

"Its good to see wewe too Hinata." Mira said.

Even Shino gave her a hug, and alisema that he missed her. wewe then spoke up.

"Hey Mira glad to see you're back." wewe say.

She turned to wewe and smiled. "Hey Kiba." She said.

Raven who had been holding onto your arm stepped forward.
"Hi Im Raven Kiba's girlfriend." She said.

Mira turned to her. "Hi I'm Mira."
"Oh I know who wewe are, Kiba's mom talks about wewe all the time. wewe were some girlfriend. Too bad wewe left because wewe left behind a great guy that is now my great guy." Raven finished.

Mira's face went blank and Akita growled at Raven. Raven took a few steps back to you. Mira placed her hand on Akita's head to calm her down.

"Well thats great for you." She alisema and turned to Naruto and spoke over her shoulder. "Oh and F.Y.I I'm a tough act to follow so wewe have a lot to live up too." With that she went back over to Naruto.
Shino shook his head at Raven and followed Mira. Hinata look right at Raven and spoke.
"Raven that was uncalled for! Mira left because she had too!" Hinata turned and followed the rest.