Still Kiba's P.O.V

wewe stood there shocked Hinta barely if ever, was mean to someone like that. wewe took Raven odd wewe arm. "Can wewe tell Kurenai for me tha I will not bne at training today?" wewe say to Raven.

"Uh yeah sure Babe." She said.

wewe disappear in a puff of smoke.

Mira's P.O.V

Hinata and Shino welcome wewe back and hug you, which was kinda weird becaus eyou thought Shino didn't like you. After that wewe hear Kiba speak.

"Hey Mira." He said.

wewe turn to him and smile, then wewe notice some girl hanging onto his arm. She realeased his arm and walked up to you. She held her hand out for wewe to shake, and thats what wewe did.

"Hi I'm Raven Kiba's girlfriend." She said.

It did not shock wewe that Kiba had a girlfriend, but it did hurt you.

'Kiba alisema he would wait for me. I should have known he would not.' wewe thought.

"I'm Mira." wewe say with a smile.

"Oh I know who wewe are, Kiba's mom talks about all the time. wewe were some girlfriend, too bad wewe left, because wewe left behind a great guy. That is now my great guy." She alisema with a smirk on her face.

wewe instantly let go of her hand, and stared at her. Akita let out a low growl from her chest, which in turn made Raven cower back to Kiba's arm.

~~~~~~I changed my uandishi style here. Sorry if this confuses you.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mira put her hand on Akita's head, calming her as she did.

"Well that's great for you." SHe alisema a bit annoyed at Raven's comment. She turned to Naruto and walked over to him. Over her shoulder she spoke. "Oh and F.Y.I I'm a tough act to follow." She went and sat kwa Narutoby Naruto, a few dakika later Shino followed.

Hinata comes over a few dakika later. Mira looked up to find that Kiba had gone and left Raven behind. They all sat there in silence for quite some time before a voice spoke.

"Hey team." The voice announced.
They all looked over at the voice.

"Mira?!" It was Kurenai.

"Hi sensai." Mira alisema calmly.

"Uh excuse me? Kurenai sensai?"

Kurenai turned to face Raven. "Yes what is it wewe want?"

Raven twiddles her thumbs. "I am just here to tell wewe that Kiba will not be at training today."

"Alright thats fine. "you can leave Raven."
Raven Nodded and ran off. Kurenai looked back at Mira.

"Well it looks as if wewe have alreay met Raven."

"Yeah." Was the only thing that came from her mouth when she spoke.

Kurenai nodded. "Well I guess for today we will do a quick training. Sparing with eachother."

Sorry for it being so short. I'll make the inayofuata one longer. Hope wewe liked it.