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This kiba inuzuka picha contains anime, comic kitabu, manga, cartoon, and mkono.

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 bila mpangilio Pic!!!!
Random Pic!!!!
Heyy everyone look I have finally got out part 8. YAY!!!!!!!
I’m so proud of myself, I finally got an idea for it. =DDDDDDDD
So please enjoy what I have written!

You look at the person who spoke ,
“Where am I?” wewe ask.
“You don’t remember?” They answer.
“If I did would I be asking?” wewe say sarcastically.

The person glares at you, wewe realize that she is a medic ninja.

“Hump, well wewe and your Naoko, I think that was her name, went on a mission. wewe met up with the Akatsuki. They got the best of you.” She alisema and handed wewe a mirror.

You took the mirror and look at yourself, your...
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Our feet thudded against the ground, pounding out a rhythm that I didn't want to give up. I maintained pace as my eyes darted inayofuata to me. My twin sister was doing the same as me, except she was concentrating on the dirt road in front of us. Her dark blue hair flew behind her. Her face flushed with exertion. Her violet eyes shone determinedly in the darkness.
I looked ahead of me. We were both tired. We'd been running for god knows how long. It felt like eternity to me.
We needed to rest.
But the beat. So rhythmic. It put me into a trance. My energy flooded through me, washing away my...
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 Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru (Part 1)
Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru (Part 1)
Rank: Genin (part 1), Chuunin (part 2)
Teammates: Shino Aburame, Hinata Hyuga
Sensei: Kurenai Yuhi
Specialties: Hand-to-hand combat, Tracking
First Appearance: Naruto manga ch., Naruto ep 1
Village: Konoha
Age:12 (I), 15 (II)
Birthday: July 7th
Height: 5.00 ft
Weight: 98.5 lb
Blood Type: B
Chakra Type: ?
Kiba is a member of Konoha's Inuzuka clan who are characterized kwa their highly symbiotic relationships with their dog companions. His name “Kiba” means fang and it reflects his wild appearance. Kiba is always seen with his young dog, Akamaru, who often rides on his head au is carried in...
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Kurenai brings wewe to an open space where there are three people sitting at the center, they seem to be around your age. Kurenai walks right up to them as wewe look zaidi closely at them wewe see Kiba.

'Thoughts: What he is on this team?! OMG I cant beleive this HOTTIE is on my team. YES!!'

Kurenai inturupts your thoughts

"Hey Team!! Guess what?" Not one of then looks at her.

"What?" They all say together.

"We have a new member to the team! Her name is Yuna Mira"

"Hey team." wewe say.
Kiba looks up at wewe and smiles

"Your the girl that thought the building was like a sky scrapper. Small village never...
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